Trump will denounce the CEOs of Facebook and Twitter for the permanent blocking of their accounts on social networks

Donald Trump makes himself heard again. The former US president intends to denounce Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey for blocking their social accounts on Facebook and Twitter, according to Axios.

The CEOs of the two companies decided to permanently ban Trump. A decision that from the Trump environment is considered an act of censorship. Now the former president is preparing to take legal action, on behalf of those who have been censored on social media.

Trump returns to the charge against Facebook and Twitter

As Jack Dorsey explained, the decision to block Donald Trump’s account was “the right decision for Twitter. ” “If people do not agree with our rules and compliance, they can simply go to another Internet service,” reflected the CEO of Twitter.

Trump denounce Facebook and Twitter
Trump’s Blockade

In the case of Facebook, the Content Advisory Council expressed in May 2021 that it ratified Facebook’s decision of January 7, 2021 to restrict Trump’s access to his Facebook and Instagram accounts. However, he also expressed that “it has not considered appropriate for Facebook to apply an indefinite suspension, since it is an indeterminate sanction and without normative grounds.”

As Axios points out, Trump has often sued people throughout his career, but has rarely complied.

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