How to create surveys in WhatsApp in 3 steps


WhatsApp surveys are a simple and fun way to interact with your friends and family, make group decisions and know their opinions instantly.

As we well know, WhatsApp is one of those applications that incorporates new functions from time to time, partly to avoid stagnating and partly because the competition has been going strong in that sense.

Applications like Telegram are aware that their only way to do something about WhatsApp, its desktop version WhatsApp Web, is to incorporate new functions, since due to the number of users and relevance it would be impossible for them.

For this reason, from the Facebook messaging application, they are incorporating new facets, like the one we are dealing with today, so as not to give any type of advantage to other similar apps.

The surveys have appeared before for Apple users, but now they are also operational for those who have an Android smartphone. This means that currently anyone can send a survey, something that in certain circumstances may be necessary and in others even fun.

How to create a survey on WhatsApp

One of the newest and most useful features is the ability to create surveys directly from the app. This tool is not only useful for making quick group decisions, but it can also be a source of fun and entertainment in your chats with friends and family.

The truth is that the way you have to carry out a survey is extremely simple, whether to find out your friends’ opinions on current affairs or musical tastes, and even to organize events such as parties or get-togethers.

WhatsApp surveys
WhatsApp Web
  • Enter the WhatsApp chat or group where you want to send the survey.
  • After that you must press the Cross-shaped icon at the bottom.
  • Then, from all the options that appear, click on Survey.
  • Now all that remains is to write a question and all the answers you want. You should know that you can enter the answers by simply pressing the four vertical lines that appear next to each one and moving them without releasing your finger from the screen.
  • When it is finished, all that remains is to send the survey by clicking Send.

It should be noted that if you enter WhatsApp for desktop, both Windows and Mac, or if we do it in WhatsApp Web, you will also be able to create surveys in the same way that you just saw. This means that the computer will also serve as a way to send this type of option.

This way, you can get the opinion of others quickly, visually and entertainingly. The reasons to use surveys on WhatsApp are multiple, since you can plan activities, make group decisions, resolve debates, test your contacts or for fun.

To make your surveys as effective as possible, ask direct questions and clear response options to avoid confusion. Additionally, too many options can overwhelm participants, so try to limit options to the most relevant ones.

Once the survey is sent

When you have sent the survey to the person or people you want to respond, either in a specific chat within a group, you will see a statistic with the number of votes each response receives.

Additionally, you will be able to see who has responded to each of the options if you click on See votes. The person who receives the survey will see more or less the same thing, but with the possibility of clicking on one of the options to respond. 

Once you have answered, that person will be able to see the results of the survey and by clicking on the statistics, they will know how they voted in said survey, all in an easy and simple way.

Uses of surveys

The surveys you can take can be quite different, varied and may not even be purely surveys. The first thing that comes to mind are those that are serious, in a work group that needs to know each person’s opinion or to make a decision, for example. 

It may also be that there are 2 or 3 options for the company Christmas dinner and you want to know which one the majority chooses. Another option is that it is not really a survey, but that you use it as if it were a game, where depending on the answer chosen, a supposed story continues.

It can also be used as a riddle or riddle, that is, one of the answers is correct and you have to guess it. Surveys can also be a good way to interact with all the people who make up a group, of the many that there are with common interests, for example, one about television series, sports or fans of a famous artist.

Finally, if the WhatsApp is from a store or something similar, it can be a good way to find out customer opinions. Whether you’re making important decisions or just looking for a fun way to interact with your friends and family, this app’s surveys are a great option.

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