Donald Trump intends to return to social networks

In a few months, Donald Trump seems to have lost two of the three things that, at least a priori, seem to matter most to him. The first is, obviously, the presidency of the United States. And it is that although on this side of the Atlantic it may seem that his political ambitions were born shortly before the primaries of the Republican Party for the presidential elections of 2015, in reality the shadow of a Trump opting for the presidency was something that had already been speculated for a long time before.

The second loss, although obviously not so important, has nevertheless left a huge void in the already former president. I mean, of course, the lifetime veto Donald Trump faces on Twitter. After months of warnings, of marking some of his messages as false information and of a constant tug of war, the encouragement by the one who was still president of the United States to the acts of the failed coup in the Capitol were more than the network Jack Dorsey’s social life could bear.

It was not the first or the only one, but it is one of the most forceful ones in its veto. Facebook will review its position regarding Donald Trump shortly. and if they allow him to return to the social network, a decision that a “committee of wise men” will make. Twitter, however, closed the door forever. Even in the hypothetical event that Donald Trump ran for president again in 2024, Twitter has said that forever means forever. And even with other networks at her service, Trump will undoubtedly miss her greatly.

This does not mean, however, that the billionaire is going to stare into the past. Quite the contrary, and just as he has already begun to move very actively to be the candidate of the Republican Party in the next elections, he is also already working on his social media strategy, as we can read in Business Insider. A plan that, yes, seems to be quite realistic by not expecting that many of these services back down.

In a conversation on a podcast, The Interview, Jason Miller said that Donald Trump’s team has been having conversations “with existing social media platforms and also with some new platforms.” To this we have to add that, when asked about the chances that he will return to the “big ones”, he affirms that for his part the door is not closed, but considers that the possibilities are low.

Donald trump banned from Twitter

Thus, it is most likely that finally the return of Donald Trump to social networks will not occur in the best known, but in other services that, eager for the exponential growth that could experience if they open their doors to Trump and his followers, show themselves delighted at such a possibility. It’s a win-win, as they would surely claim. However, and after a great initial impact, it would be necessary to see if there is a critical mass that is willing to incorporate a new social network into their daily lives, precisely in these times in which more and more exhaustion is perceived.

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