How to disable reminder on Apple Watch

The wake up reminder on our Apple Watch alerts us to stand up for a few minutes if we’ve been sitting for an hour straight. A tremendously useful and interesting reminder from the point of view of health that, however, we may want to deactivate in some circumstances.

The flexibility of a notice that can sometimes be unnecessary

There are several situations in which we may want to disable these reminders. A person who is convalescing, for example, does not need this reminder. Neither do professional drivers, among other professions, who spend the working day sitting down. Whatever the reason that may lead us to disable this reminder, Apple offers us the necessary option. The steps to follow disable remainder on Apple Watch are :

  1. We open the Settings app on our Apple Watch.
  2. We enter the Activity section.
  3. We disabled Wake Reminders.

If we prefer, we can also carry out this adjustment from the iPhone paired with our watch. In this case we will do it like this:

  1. We open the Watch app on our iPhone.
  2. We enter the Activity section.
  3. Turn off Remind to get up.

The ease of activating and deactivating this reminder is interesting, since it offers us the power to customize it according to our needs. Of course, the idea is not to activate or deactivate it daily, especially since we must then remember to activate it again, but this setting gives us an interesting flexibility.

As we have started by saying, this reminder is really useful from a health point of view. A reminder that, on certain occasions, can just remind us that we are not being active enough, depending on the situation. Fortunately, turning it on and off is a matter of 10 seconds.

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