The AirPods 3 and the new Apple Music Hi-Fi may be out next Tuesday, according to a new rumor

Maybe we won’t have to wait for WWDC on June 7 to get more news from Apple. We could have the third-generation AirPods and the new Apple Music Hi-Fi service next Tuesday, May 18 2021. The announcement would be made through a press release, without an event.

The day has been given by youtuber Luke Miani from his Twitter account, while independently in AppleTrack they already knew that Apple will launch new AirPods ” in the coming weeks. “It would be a novelty that Apple would remove itself from a keynote in the middle to half a month, which means that the company would be getting rid of material to have more time at its event to present more news.

A launch very close to WWDC21 but that would fit

new Apple Music Hi-Fi
Apple Music Hi-Fi

We have been receiving leaks from the AirPods 3 for several months, to the point that on an aesthetic level we already have many details of its appearance. They will inherit the shape of the AirPods Pro (although without having all its characteristics) and the case will open horizontally. Beyond that, everything is unknown, but we have the data that both the AirPods 2 and the AirPods Pro were presented without a keynote and with only a press release. Apple would just have to repeat the play.

As for Apple Music Hi-Fi we know what we were able to obtain a few days ago: it could arrive at no extra cost to the user, although to enjoy it to the fullest you would have to have suitable speakers or headphones (the AirPods Max or the AirPods Pro, for example ). We will be able to get out of doubts in a very short time.

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