How to edit messages on WhatsApp

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Meta has finally integrated the ability to edit messages in WhatsApp, the feature has been officially announced for all users.

Editing messages in WhatsApp is one of the most awaited features by users. Despite the fact that it has been leaked in recent months, it has not been until today that WhatsApp has just officially announced it. The announcement comes like rain in May and, it is finally up to Telegram.

Considering how much has been leaked there aren’t too many surprises about it and of course it works as expected. But we are going to see in detail how you can make use of this feature and, above all, how you can access it since it is possible that you do not have it available on your device for now.

The first thing is to check if you can access the WhatsApp feature and for this, all you have to do is go to the Google or Apple application store. In the store you will look for the WhatsApp application to verify that you do not have any pending updates and, if you do, you must update the application.

By updating the application, it is likely that you will already be able to edit messages in WhatsApp, but in case you cannot, there is no need to worry as the feature is being implemented gradually. WhatsApp itself has commented that it will reach all users in the coming weeks so there will be no need to despair.

How to edit messages on WhatsApp?

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If you are lucky enough to be able to try it out already, you will find that the feature is easy to use. WhatsApp offers the ability to edit sent messages easily. The only thing necessary is to click on the message you want to change so that the option to edit messages in WhatsApp appears.

By clicking on edit you can rewrite the message you have sent on WhatsApp. Of course, the change will be marked within the chat of the application. The person you are talking to will be able to see that the message has been edited as it has a mark indicating both the edit and the time the change was made.

The functionality is easy to use and is reminiscent of what Telegram has done with its editable messages. WhatsApp may have been late, but now you can edit any of the sent messages you have in your conversations. In addition, WhatsApp ensures that these edited messages are encrypted just like the rest of the application’s messages.

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