How to fix “Too many requests” error in ChatGPT


The OpenAI chatbot can be a very useful tool, but it can sometimes have errors and one of the most common is the message: “Too many requests”. Here we show you how to solve it easily and simply. 

If you are a regular user of the OpenAI conversational chatbot, ChatGPT, it is very likely that you have realized that it is a tool with a lot of potential. It has become essential for many people, being able to answer complex questions, challenge incorrect premises, automate tasks, write code, create content, generate scripts, and much more.

However, sometimes, when making intensive use of the platform, it is possible to encounter the error message “Too many requests in 1 hour”. If this is your case, don’t worry, there are several ways to solve this problem to continue taking full advantage of the application’s potential. 

Too many requests in 1 hour on ChatGPT – what does it mean? 

When you get the ” Too many requests in 1 hour on ChatGPT” error, it means that you have exceeded the limit of requests allowed in the tool’s API. This is a limit specifically designed to prevent system overload and ensure that all users can access the free service.

While the exact number of requests allowed per hour is not known, it typically ranges from 20-30, based on the experience of various users. Also, there are several effective ways to fix the error and continue using the service without any interruptions. 

Update the ChatGPT website

A first step, simple and basic, but often efficient, is to reload the ChatGPT web page in your browser. Doing so is quite easy, just click on the refresh icon next to the address bar. 

This may help resolve the issue, as it’s all likely a temporary bug in Edge, Chrome, or any other web browser, rather than the chatbot service. 

Check if ChatGPT is down 

Another cause may be that the ChatGPT servers are experiencing problems or are temporarily down for unknown reasons. 

In this case you should visit the official OpenAI website to check the current status of the application. If the site indicates that the platform is down, you simply have to wait until the problems are resolved and the service is available again.

use another account

It is important to mention that the request limit is associated with your account on the site, it is for this reason that if you have reached the limit it is likely that you will not be able to use the service, therefore, you will have to wait until an hour has passed to be able to have access. 

It is for this reason that a solution is to have several accounts or create a new one, in this way you can avoid the “Too many requests in 1 hour” message. 

Subscribe to ChatGPT Plus

If you are desperate and do not want to experience further service interruptions, then it is recommended that you pay for the premium version of the platform called ChatGPT Plus. 

It is a more fluid, fast and unrestricted version. The paid plan offers more resources compared to the free plan, the downside is that it costs $20 per month, but OpenAI guarantees access to the service even during peak hours, which is an important advantage.

In any case that none of the previous solutions have worked, all you have to do is wait an hour. After this time, the request counter will be reset and you will be able to use ChatGPT again. 

However, there is an additional quite effective trick in case nothing has fixed the request limit error in the artificial intelligence service. We recommend you follow the following steps to the letter:

  • If you use a VPN disconnect, as it could interfere with the process. 
  • Right-click on the ChatGPT website and select Inspect to open the DevTools or developer tools. 
  • Please go to the Application tab located on the top right menu or simply by clicking the ” >> ” icon, both are correct.
  • Click Storage and select Clear site data, an option that sits inside a gray box. 
  • Lastly and most importantly, you must update the web page, log in again with your account in ChatGPT and from here the platform should have worked correctly. 

ChatGPT is a tool that has undoubtedly transformed the way we interact with artificial intelligence. While it has huge potential, like any other technology, it also addresses buggy challenges that can temporarily get in the way of your workflow, which can be frustrating at times. 

If you have encountered the dreaded Too many requests in 1 hour error, you should know that there are a variety of solutions at your fingertips. You will be able to refresh the web page, check the availability of the servers, consider paying for ChatGPT Plus or simply wait for a while until the request limits are reset on your account. 

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