How to make Siri read long WhatsApp messages

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WhatsApp, one of the most popular platforms, allows us to communicate with friends, family and colleagues quickly and easily. However, sometimes we come across long messages that can be difficult to read while busy with other tasks.

Fortunately, with Siri, Apple’s intelligent virtual assistant, you can have it read those long WhatsApp messages to you without diverting your attention from your daily activities. Do you want to know how to do it? Keep reading this interesting post.

Well yes, it is possible to tell Siri to read those large texts that you have received from any contact in your WhatsApp, this in case you have some occupation at that precise moment and you cannot read it carefully and normally.

So, if you are interested in carrying out said action, you will only need to carry out the steps that you can find in the following lines, so pay attention:

How to make Siri read long WhatsApp messages aloud

– Enter the Settings app on your iPhone mobile.
– Once inside, click on the Siri and Search tab.
– Make sure you have the first toggle that says Activate by Hey Siri enabled.
– Say then Hey Siri, are there any new WhatsApp messages to read?.
– In case you have new messages, Siri will notify you and I will tell you who the sender is.
– Here you will have to choose the one that you consider to be the longest, then tell Siri to read you the entire message from that person in question.

And that would be all for Siri to read aloud to you any long message that you can’t sit down to read at the moment. By the way, remember that once the entire message has been read, you will have the option to reply to it through a Siri voice command, so you can take advantage of the time to do other things while Apple’s artificial intelligence reads you. your WhatsApp messages.

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