The best profile pictures for WhatsApp group & Profile

Here we have sites for best profile pictures for WhatsApp to make your profile look professional. In WhatsApp photography we usually put our own photo. Whether you are one of those who put the photo when the application was installed or if you change it every week, the most common thing is that we have an image that reminds our contacts who we are, in which we appear. But not always. And if you are looking for alternatives, we look for the best images and profile photos for WhatsApp, the most original that you can find on the Internet if you want to change yours.

You may not want to put a photograph in which you appear or that you have taken, for whatever reason. In that case, you can look for an image on the Internet of something that represents you, something that you like… Beautiful photos for your WhatsApp profile or funny and original photos that your contacts can see when they talk or look for you.

Who sees your profile picture

WhatsApp profile picture

The first thing we have to consider is who sees your profile picture on WhatsApp. You can configure it from the messaging application to decide who does and who does not see it, preventing strangers with your phone from being able to see it. If you do not put a photo of yourself because you do not want strangers to see it, you just have to configure the application so that this does not happen. No one will see it unless you decide.

To do this, you will have to follow these steps:

  • Go to your WhatsApp application
  • Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner
  • Go to the application settings
  • Click on the Account section
  • From here, open the Privacy section
  • You can change three parameters or options:
    • Last time
    • Profile picture
    • Info
    • Condition
  • Tap on profile picture
  • Choose who can see it
    • All
    • My contacts
    • Nobody

So no one or only your contacts will be able to see what WhatsApp image you have put. Also remember that if you block someone, they will not see what photo you have put, but neither will your connection time nor will you receive messages from them.

How to change your profile picture

To change the avatar in WhatsApp, the steps we must follow are very simple and it will only take a few seconds. It is important that before following these instructions you have located the new image you want to put on.

  • Open your WhatsApp application
  • Go to the three points in the upper right corner
  • Open the Settings section
  • Go to the top, where your name and your profile picture
  • Tap on the profile picture
  • Your profile will open large
  • Tap on the camera icon that you will see under the circle of your image
  • Three options will appear
    • Delete picture
    • Gallery
    • Camera
  • Choose “Gallery” and look for the image you wanted to put as a WhatsApp photo
  • It will automatically switch, instantly, for all your contacts

Resize for WhatsApp photos

One way to find beautiful photos for your WhatsApp profile and for free is to turn to Google. You look for the theme that interests you and a large number of images will be available for you. But we found a problem: how we fit it into the application circle so that what we like is completely centered.

Well, use specialized applications such as WhatsCrop, an application in which you choose the image you want from the gallery and automatically center it to fit the circle of the messaging application. It is very easy to use and it is free. You can choose the size with which the image is displayed and if there are excess spaces on the sides or at the top and bottom, we can put a colored or textured background to make it more pleasant.

Make your own original images

You can create your own best profile pictures for WhatsApp. There are many online tools that allow you to make your own original and beautiful profile photos for WhatsApp without having to resort to other ones that you may see that someone has already uploaded. You can include a quote that represents you and look for a landscape on free download photo pages. Using a specialized design website you can write the phrase you want about the landscape and thus you will have an original WhatsApp image that is different from the others, unique.

best profile pictures for WhatsApp group & Profile

One such tool is, for example, Canva. You can choose a post for Instagram (you will get a square image) and search among all the templates available in the online service or in the free application for iOS and Android. Write whatever you want using the text tool and include an original background. You can try hundreds of available templates and try the one you like the most.

If you do not know what to write in your “creation”, you can resort to some pages such as Phrases for Photos that will serve as inspiration for your status or for your profile image if you do not know what you want to put or how you want to put it.

Add frames and effects to your profile picture

If you want to put a selfie of yourself or a photograph of your cat or your grandchildren, you can also get a more beautiful and original WhatsApp profile image than the photo posted as you have done it. The website has an exclusive section with frames for profile photographs or with effects to add to your selfies or self-portraits. All you have to do is choose the frame you want and add the image from the gallery on your mobile or computer. You will not only find frames as such but also filters to add your football team, the flag of your team or your country or any other ornament that will make it different. The result will automatically appear that you can download and use in the WhatsApp application or in the one you want. It has all kinds of frames not only for WhatsApp but with Instagram-type filters, retro photomontages, lights and colors…


Pinterest is usually always the page that we recommend if you are looking for photographs of any kind because it will allow you to find practically anything. Just search for the theme you want or simply search for “images for whatsapp” and you will find thousands of options or pins available. On Pinterest you can not only search as such “for WhatsApp” but you can search for inspiring images, phrases to encourage, for photographs … Thousands and thousands of options will appear in all colors and all sizes and you can download the one you want. You can also create your own board with pins to always keep them close at hand.

On Pinterest you will also find folders or boards created exclusively for this purpose: with WhatsApp profile photos already prepared to download and place. Reflections, phrases … We leave you some of the best boards that we have found so that you can find one that adapts to what you want to put.

Beautiful images for WhatsApp profile

This is one of the most complete websites and, as its name suggests, it allows us to download beautiful images for WhatsApp profiles . It has all kinds of categories for you to choose what convinces you the most: beautiful images, images with funny jokesIf you are looking for funny and original profile photos, images with poems for the most literate, images of love, friendship, encouragement, angels, good morning or good night. Also with flowers, negatives, sadness and heartbreak or images of reflection. Also, themes like Halloween or Christmas. All you have to do is choose the category from which you are looking for a photograph, tap on the one you want to have and it will open wide. Download it and it will be saved in the gallery so you can use it as a profile picture or change it whenever you want.

Total images

The Total Images website has a section to get an original profile photo for WhatsApp. Beautiful images, with reflections or inspiring that allow you to decorate your photograph even if you do not know about design. We will see inspiring phrases, landscapes, famous quotes … You can choose from a good number of images available not only to use as a WhatsApp profile photo but also to share in the application states, for example. also allows you to download photos for WhatsApp profile with funny, original and different images. From famous quotes with images of Batman to relaxing landscapes or designs with striking lettering to convey a message to your contacts. They all have a square size so it will be easy for you to fit them into the box of the application. Of love, of cinema, with phrases …

You just have to see all the photos available on this page and right click on the one you like. Once you have clicked or touched from the mobile, click on “download image” and it will be automatically saved in the gallery.


Here you will also find almost 100 original states and phrases for WhatsApp that you can well use to upload to their ephemeral 24-hour states, but also to put on a profile if you especially like any. The design is very similar to the previous ones with phrases and countries, love quotes or reflections. They are not the most original that we will find, but it can be useful if this is what you are looking to put.

365 pretty images

365 pretty images, best profile  pictures for WhatsApp group

This is one of the best websites to download Christmas greetings, but it is also useful if you are looking for images to change your profile WhatsApp photo or to put on Facebook. Just go to the category you want and you will see a lot of diversity of content, shapes, drawings and designs. From images that you can always have on hand to congratulate a birthday to a category of “funny” to get something more original and fun, different from the others.


Like the previous ones, Frases1 is a website where you will find photographs “dedicated to those who wish to express themselves through feelings ”. Within the web you will find the category “for WhatsApp” where you will see images with phrases in square format that you can download and use for your networks social.

Make your own meme

Memes never fail and you can make your own if you want to succeed in the messaging app when your contacts speak to you. Memedroid allows you to create your own meme or search among the latest, the most popular of the day or the most popular and well-known of all time. You can also search by theme if you want something specific. For example, memes about the coronavirus if you want to have a profile picture according to the present time. You can search as many as you want and change them to always have an original and fun profile.

Free Image Banks

The free image banks have thousands of free photos that you can use freely and there are many different themes. In them you can search for what you want, from the most general as “nature” or “flowers” to an exact plant to see if it appears tagged with a related image. Many of them do not need registration and are accessible from the phone and from the computer.

Unsplash is one of the most original banks with the highest quality. It works without registering and one of the advantages is that you can filter by size or by type or proportion. In the upper right part of the web page you can choose that all the images that are displayed are square so that you will not need to juggle to fit it correctly in your profile photo. Once you’ve chosen the filter, search for anything you can think of and you will almost always find results.

Another of the image banks that we recommend is Gratisography because its results are much more fun or different than the classic royalty-free images that we usually find on the Internet. It also has a drawback and that is that its catalog is much smaller but you will surely find something that convinces you. From Santa Claus eating cookies to funny dolls and stuffed animals with which we will be the most original of any group of friends.

If nature is your thing , the best website you will find is Free Nature Stock with thousands of options of flowers, landscapes, skies, plants, insects… The theme is not varied (as its name suggests it is all about nature) but it is ideal to put a WhatsApp image that transmits peace or if you are simply looking for something beautiful, but without any phrase or without any adornment. You will like it if you like flowers or skies.

Pixabay is also a good option since it allows with a really good search result, since we have many photos to choose from in the vast majority of times we search for something. All the images are with a public license so we can use them as we deem necessary, so they will look great on our WhatsApp.

Another possibility is Stokpic, a website where all the photos that are offered to us for free are high definition and almost all of them are very artistic and original. It is a website that incorporates new photos from time to time and has a really well-managed interface that is very easy to use. All the photos have a Creative Commons license and we can put them in our WhatsApp without problems, plus it will look great.

Life of Pix is the public domain photo website where we will see photos of nature or landscapes. The photos are really very beautiful, very well done and of enormous quality. We can also find other types of images, but the vast majority and the best are dedicated to this topic. Every week they incorporate new photos, so we can always enjoy snapshots that we had not seen before. Ideal for lovers of putting landscapes on their WhatsApp.

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