New features added to Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is being updated with a series of new features that will be implemented on iOS and Android.

A series of functions that we already know, but that will now be extended to more Messenger users. We tell you what they are about and if they will be available in your account.

New features for Facebook Messenger

One of the novelties announced for Messenger has to do with voice messages. From now on, users will find new controls when recording audio. For example, they will be able to pause the recording at any time, delete the audio or preview it before sending the message.

And on the other hand, the duration of the voice messages is increased, so you can send audios of up to 30 minutes. Do you remember the “Vanish Mode” feature that Facebook announced in late 2020? Facebook mentions it again among the Messenger features that are coming to iOS and Android.

This feature gives you extra privacy when you chat with your friends. All the messages you send, including GIFs, videos or images, disappear once your contact sees it. And lastly, Facebook Messenger is rolling out “Split Payments.” An option that is only available to US users.

This function proposes a simple dynamic when you have to divide an expense among your friends, whether they go out to eat, collect money to buy a gift, group vacation, etc. This Messenger option allows you to split the bill equally or set how much each user will pay.

Once that process is finished, the request is sent to the entire group of users to make the payment through Messenger. A dynamic that can be practical, although it is not spreading worldwide, so you will not see it among the news of the latest Messenger update.

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