WhatsApp for Jio Phone Is Getting Status Feature: Report

WhatsApp for Jio
WhatsApp for Jio phone

WhatsApp for Jio Phone is getting the ability to post reputation messages, in line with a report. The new addition would work just like how you use the Status feature for your Android device or an iPhone. WhatsApp debuted on Reliance Jio’s Jio Phone back in 2018 with a very limited list of features. Several months after its arrival on the Jio Phone, the immediate messaging app reached the Nokia 8110 4G it is every other KaiOS-primarily based smart function phone. The Facebook-owned corporation improved WhatsApp for KaiOS consumer in July remaining year through bringing it to all supported phones.

The Status feature on WhatsApp for Jio Phone is at “Gold Master” stage, which means it’s ready to roll out, software engineering lead for WhatsApp on KaiOS Joe Grinstead found out in an interview with Android Central. Although the new offering isn’t the most predicted function, considering the truth that the app is designed as a “minimum feasible product”, it would still be a welcome trade for a huge variety of users.

Grinstead also cited voice calling aid that’s there on Android since overdue January 2015. However, he said that offering aid for voice calls at the KaiOS operating gadget is “particularly challenging.” There is as a result no readability on whether or not voice calling aid could ever reach Jio Phone users.

Technoeager has reached out to WhatsApp to apprehend the rollout of the Status characteristic and voice calling guide for KaiOS and will update this newsletter whilst the enterprise responds.

Jio Phone customers received WhatsApp in September 2018, a couple of months after its professional statement in July. The app additionally reached the Nokia 8110 4G in April closing year. Weeks after that rollout, WhatsApp optimised its app and made it to be had for all KaiOS phones. It garnered over a crore users on the platform in weeks of its debut.

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