You can play Xbox games on iPhone and iPad with the next update of the official app

Xbox games
Xbox game

The same big update to the Xbox app that came to Android phones about a month ago is also on the way for owners of an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad. That is, soon you will be able to play your Xbox games on the iPhone.

At the moment, Microsoft is testing this version in beta in Testflight, so it would be expected that it will be released to the public in the near future. Unlike XCloud, which will require a good amount of changes to be available in the App Store. Xbox streaming works from console to mobile , just like Sony’s app of the same name, PS4 Remote.

Your Xbox games, on the iPhone

The new version of the Xbox application for iPhone can be connected directly to the console through a Wi-Fi, LTE or 5G connection, so that you can do certain tasks such as managing the library, consulting the recordings and screenshots and Most importantly, play the games you have installed on the console via streaming from the iPhone.

Compatible with Xbox One S and One X, in addition to future Xbox Series X / S, the official Xbox application for iOS will allow you to play Xbox games on your mobile by streaming from the console to the iPhone or iPad, using for this A compatible controller such as the Xbox One Wireless Controller with Bluetooth.

Xbox cloud on iPhone
Xbox on iPhone

Note that the Xbox app connects directly to the console, unlike xCloud , which needs to do some major readjustment before it can get past Apple’s restrictive policies. The ability to play via streaming is undoubtedly the star function of this update, although not the only one: the application has been completely renewed, with a new design and navigation.

At the moment, this beta is still in test phase in Testflight, and the beta program is full , so we will have to wait until we can test it for ourselves, when the update is released for everyone.

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