Soon you will be able to play Xbox One games from iPhone via streaming

The last few weeks have been quite busy for Microsoft, but its ambition to continue gaining ground in the video game industry does not stop. Through The Verge, those of Redmond confirmed that soon you will be able to play your Xbox One games from your iPhone via streaming. Be careful , this proposal has nothing to do with Project xCloud, since the game processing occurs on the console — it must be turned on.

The Xbox app on iOS will soon be updated to allow remote play with your Xbox One titles. The update will be free.

So, in the coming weeks the Xbox app on iOS will receive its most important update to date. This will allow us to play Xbox one games from iPhone. This will allow you to connect to your Xbox One to start streaming and enjoy a remote session. Its operation is quite similar to that offered by the PlayStation 4 through Remote Play. According to Microsoft, players will have the option to count on WiFi or even mobile networks such as LTE or 5G.

You will also have the possibility to turn on your Xbox One and control some functions from the application itself, manage storage space and delete games remotely. Additionally, you can download screenshots or video recordings that you store on the console on your iPhone, so you can share them on social networks or messaging apps directly from the terminal. Obviously, the update will be completely free.

Will it be possible to play remotely with the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S?

We don’t know yet, but Microsoft also updated the app due to the imminent launch of both consoles. Its graphical interface, in fact, is inspired by the design of the Dashboard that we will see in the new hardware from November 10.

We reiterate that Xbox One remote play is not related to Project xCloud. Processing of the latter happens in the Azure infrastructure, not in the console. During this week, Phil Spencer, director of Xbox, assured that they continue working to bring their platform to iOS. And it is that Apple made some adjustments in the regulations of the App Store to open the doors to streaming video game services. It is a matter of time before we can enjoy Project xCloud from an iPhone or iPad.

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