China unveils largest deep learning model in history: 10 times bigger than Open AI’s GPT-3

Open IA’s GPT-3 caused a stir a few months ago when it impressed the world with its content-generating capabilities. With 175 million parameters GPT-3 looked like a real beast, now a new Chinese deep learning model does that and more thanks to its 1.75 billion parameters.

The Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI) unveiled the latest version of its pre-trained deep learning model at an AI event in Beijing. Known as Wudao (means “understanding of natural laws”), this model is the largest in the world with 1.75 billion parameters.

The initial version of Wudao was released in March, but it has been quickly superseded by a much larger version, which is this newly released Wudao 2.0. The purpose has been to generate the largest AI in the world because according to Dr. Zhang Hongjiang, president of BAAI: “The path to general artificial intelligence is large models and large computers.”

A powerhouse for AI

The intention of Wudao is to create a general cognitive artificial intelligence that is reinforced by data and knowledge in a dual way. Make AI think like a human and cognitively evolve like a human mind.

Deep learning model wudao

Those responsible for BAAI imagine a large-scale model with immense computing power that allows the generation of general artificial intelligence. A kind of central base to offer artificial intelligence services and at the same time feed with more data and knowledge.

According to Dr. Zhang Hongjiang, it is analogous to a power plant, which is supposed to convert fuels (data in this case) into energy, into smart capabilities in this case to power various artificial intelligence applications. “Wudao as the nerve center of a artificial intelligence network deployed throughout the technological structure of Chinese society.

The important factor here is knowing how to scale it and having the capacity for it. But in China they seem determined to do so. As we have seen, the plan for the next few years of the country is to become a technological leader, and there artificial intelligence plays a very important role. And the rest of the world seems to be against him.

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