Now Artificial Intelligence will give you new Business ideas for beginners

Business ideas by AI
Business ideas by AI

If you have entrepreneurial blood, surely you spend the day thinking about ideas for possible new business, something that will become the next Google, or at least a small section of what became the great G.

There are many ideas, but a website with several of them generated by Artificial Intelligence, I only know one.

This is , a website in which as soon as you enter, without registering or identifying yourself in any way, some random ideas generated by the machine appear.

An example:

Startup to connect students with mentors from the best universities in the world


Tool that helps developers create applications for the fitness and health industries.


Company that aims to connect B2B companies with service providers and allow people to view, request and rate those service providers.

To carry out the project, the developer sent GPT-3 a message of predefined good ideas from existing startups. It then uses its autoregressive language model with deep learning to generate new products and business ideas.

Because GPT-3 still has a hard time judging whether ideas are good or bad, ideas can be absurd at times, thereby defining it as some kind of human-augmented AI.

In case we see a good idea, and we do not want other people to see it, we can claim it and pay $ 100 to make it disappear from the portal, so that we will keep it in our secret drawer, ready to be transformed into a project.

Ideas can be voted on by users, and the most voted ones appear at the top. At the moment the ranking is headed:

Video conferencing application that allows people to talk to their team members and customers, while looking at each other’s screens so they can see how they look and react.

The latter seems really interesting.

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