Things that Bard can do that is impossible with ChatGPT

Google Bard vs chatGPT

If you like artificial intelligence, we have good, bad and again good news for you: Google Bard is already operational in more than 180 countries, but EU countries are not of them. However, if you want to try it, just access it from a VPN, something as easy as using the Opera browser and following these steps. We have already tried Google Bard and we have been pleasantly surprised by its speed (despite the VPN), the automatic generation of responses and the quality of these. Google wants to compete head to head with the OpenAI chatbot and for now, Bard can do things that ChatGPT can’t.

Search the Internet

The first one on the forehead: one of the great shortcomings of ChatGPT is that its database dates back to 2021 and at the moment, it does not have internet access .

Google Bard does have it and that allows it to answer questions as current as the news that has happened in the last few hours. For example, about who currently holds the CEO position of Twitter : Bard already knows.

Thus, think, for example, of one of the uses of ChatGPT such as planning trips: with Google Bard you can do it even better because if, for example, you asked him what you can do this weekend in Madrid, he would tell you about the events that take place around San Isidro since he has access to the program.

Go deeper into the search (and know the sources)

The other big Achilles heel of ChatGPT is that even if you provide information that seems true and rings true, there is no way of knowing where you got the data from. This has two handicaps: you can neither investigate to obtain more data from this interesting information nor can you thoroughly read its sources to find out its reliability.

Note that at the end of Bard’s answer, the option to ‘ Google it ‘ appears, which allows you to go to the internet to view the relevant posts on the topic.

summarize web pages

Both ChatGPT and Bard are practical for summarizing long and dense texts, but with the Google tool you can do it directly if the information comes from a website: you just need to provide the link for it to do so, thus speeding up the process and helping you You save time.

Export the generated text

Copying and pasting is the handy but effective task that we can do with ChatGPT responses, but Google Bard has made it easier by implementing the export in two clicks: it’s as simple as tapping on the share icon and choosing if we want to share it. a Gmail draft or Google Drive documents.

Get more answers with the same question

Although you always have the option to rephrase the question if you’re not satisfied with the answer in ChatGPT, Google Bard provides three different versions by default. Thus, you can view them by scrolling to the upper area and tapping on ‘View other drafts’.

However, there are other novelties that are coming soon to Google Bard, different from ChatGPT that we saw at Google I/O, such as the possibility of entering your prompts by voice, the integration of Google Lens will allow you to incorporate images so that the chatbot generate responses and also return images as a response.

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