Now you can use AI to search images in Freepik

Freepik AI image generating

Freepik, known for being one of the most innovative technology companies worldwide, has launched a new version of its AI Image Generator tool.

As per the information, this AI Image generator from Freepik manages to create images in real time, giving a unique experience, allowing you to explore endless creative options with excellent results. We just have to scroll down with the mouse, and we will continue finding options for the desired image.

On the other hand, we have a top menu in which we can alter the style of the image, or the lighting, or the color… all without altering the original text (prompt) at any time.

This tool is one of those available on Pikaso, the Freepik platform that has given an innovative boost to the development of creative tools. The implementation of generative AI in its services has resulted in the creation of accessible and easy-to-use tools, designed to boost the creativity of its users.

Remember that Freepik has not been left behind in diversifying its offerings, introducing tools such as Sketch to Image and Reimagine . These allow users to turn sketches into realistic images or reinvent existing images, all in real time. The ability to generate more than a million images daily speaks for itself about the power and efficiency of these tools.

Another thing that distinguishes the AI ​​Image Generator is its quality results, and by having infinite variations of an image it is easier to find the desired result without having to think of new ways to ask for what we want. This flexibility, combined with a level of realism that I mentioned, opens up a range of possibilities for creators.

But, as I said, the tool not only stands out for its power and quality but also for its focus on user experience. Freepik has struck a perfect balance between advanced technology and usability, offering a workflow that maximizes creativity without sacrificing simplicity.

Freepik offers its AI Image Generator to both freemium and premium users, although with certain differences. While freemium users can generate up to 20 images daily with limited styles, premium users enjoy unlimited usage and full access to all features.

The combination of artificial intelligence, creativity and accessibility marks a turning point in how we approach digital content creation.

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