What is PaLM 2

PaLM 2

Among its recent developments, Google introduced PaLM 2, its next-generation language model, at its I/O 2023 developer conference.

This language model is designed to bring artificial intelligence capabilities to all Google products, including Gmail, Google Docs, and Bard.

What is PaLM 2?

PaLM 2 is a language model that, like other language models, can power AI-based chatbots, write code, parse images, and translate. Additionally, PaLM 2 has multilingual capabilities that will be used to make Bard available in more than 40 languages.

Google has trained PaLM 2 on multilingual texts from more than 100 languages ​​and has passed advanced language proficiency exams. PaLM 2 has also been trained on publicly available source code data sets to make it proficient in more than 20 programming languages.

Where PaLM 2 is used

Google has implemented PaLM 2 to power a number of current and future products. Users can test the capabilities of PaLM 2 by accessing the Bard chatbot, which is now available in more than 180 countries and territories, including India.

PaLM 2 is also being used to add artificial intelligence capabilities to Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Sheets. Google is also using PaLM 2 in Sec-PaLM for cybersecurity analysis and in Med-PaLM 2 to answer questions and summarize ideas from dense medical texts.

The future of Google language models

Google has added advanced privacy controls to PaLM 2 to allow users full control over their personal information.

Google has announced that it is already working on the next generation language model, called Gemini. Although it’s still in formation, Google says the Gemini is already demonstrating multimodal capabilities not seen in its previous models. Gemini is designed to enable future innovations like memory and scheduling.

Google has been struggling to find its place in the AI ​​landscape since the launch of ChatGPT in November last year. The release of GPT-4 with multimodal capabilities has only compounded Google’s problems, as the OpenAI language model is used to power Microsoft’s new Bing search. Both companies are vying for supremacy in the field of AI-powered generative chatbots.

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