A Google Pay error sends free money to thousands of users

google pay error

For more than a decade, Google has been trying to convince users of the advantages of using Google Pay as a payment platform. Thus, those who have Android devices can use the advantages of this service to take advantage of it. However, during a recent round of internal testing , many users subscribed to the service shared that they had benefited from a curious bug that, due to a Google bug, had allowed them to earn money without making any effort.

As Ars Technica points out, several users who use Google Pay as a payment platform reported that they received money in their accounts by accident. Thus, the amounts ranged between 10 and 1,000 dollars, figures that were not subscribed to any type of promotion or specific action. In fact, this money came to them through the Google Pay Rewards program, an option that allows you to recover a percentage of purchases if certain conditions are met.

Google will not act against those who have spent the money

Apparently, the amounts arrived together with the message “ Dogfooding the Google Pay Remittance Experience ”.  According to the same portal, Dogfooding is a term that refers to internally testing software in beta before its launch. Therefore, this message should only have reached Google employees, a situation that did not occur since many users received this message along with different payments. And, incredible as it may seem, Google announced that it will not retaliate against those who have spent the money.

Google pay error
Image: Ars Technica

As can be read in the image above these lines, the Google team points out that they suffered an error that deposited money ” unintentionally ” in the accounts of some users. After this, they indicate that they carried out the pertinent actions to, as far as possible, cancel the bonus. However, in said message it also indicates that, if they could not reverse the credit, ” the money is yours to keep “, a statement to which they add that ” no further action is necessary “. Therefore, if Google gave you money and wants to spend it, there is no problem in that.

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