The best Android apps to monitor pregnancy

Pregnancy monitoring apps Android
  • Motherhood is an exciting and challenging time in a woman’s life. 
  • Mobile applications have become perfect allies for future mothers, so there is nothing better than knowing some of the best that you can download on your Android mobile.

Pregnancy is a period of changes and expectations in a woman’s life. As in any life experience, when living in the digital age, there are apps for your Android device that are going to become very important companions for future mothers, being one of the best pregnancy applications you will find.

They will be able to offer you information, support and follow-up at every stage of this journey you are on. Other of these apps allow detailed monitoring of the baby’s development, provide maternal health advice or simply share experiences of other women who have gone through this same stage.

With the applications that you will be able to see today, you will be able to discover how the technology of your Android device can offer you valuable resources during pregnancy and even upon the arrival of your child .

These are some of the best Android apps to keep exhaustive and regular control of everything related to your pregnancy.


Pregnancy+ is one of the best pregnancy apps available for Android devices . It is designed to help expectant mothers keep detailed track of their pregnancy.

The key features and functionalities of Pregnancy +, one of the best Android applications for pregnant women, are:

  • Tracking : Pregnancy+ provides a detailed view of your baby’s development each week. It includes information about the size of the baby, important milestones in its development, and tips related to each stage of pregnancy.
  • Diary : This app allows expectant mothers to keep a personal diary of their pregnancy. Data such as symptoms, sensations or emotions will be able to be recorded during this special period.
  • Calculator : another relevant aspect that it provides is a due date calculator, to estimate when the boy or girl will be born.
  • Tips – Offers advice on a variety of health and nutrition topics during pregnancy. 
  • Community – Has an active community of mothers where you can share your experiences, ask questions, and get support from others who are going through similar situations.
  • Lists : Something very interesting is that you can make checklists and to-dos to help you be prepared for the baby’s arrival. 
  • Baby Names – It also offers a baby name search feature, which can be useful if you’re looking for inspiration.


BabyCenter is another of the best pregnancy apps for Android. In addition, it is also one of the used ones.

On the Android device it makes it extremely operational, offering, as one of the best pregnancy applications for Android, a series of very interesting tools such as:

  • Monitoring : it is capable of carrying out detailed monitoring of the pregnancy week by week. Provides up-to-date information on the baby’s development and changes in the mother’s body as the pregnancy progresses.
  • Calculator: This app includes a due date calculator, which serves as a guide to estimate when your due date could be.
  • Forum : Another of the strong points of this app is its active community of parents who share their experiences, ask questions and offer support.
  • Education: has a part where a wide variety of articles and educational resources on pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and child development are provided.
  • Personalized tracking : You can track your pregnancy and your baby’s development milestones in a personalized way.
  • Interactive : Another interesting thing is being able to have a list of baby names and a baby growth calculator, as well as another dedicated to ovulation for those who are trying to conceive.
  • Application for parents : in addition to the pregnancy app itself, it incorporates a part that is designed to help parents during the first year of the baby’s life, with advice on caring for the newborn, child development and the transition to pregnancy life as parents.

Sprout Pregnancy

Sprout Pregnancy is another of the best apps to monitor pregnancy that provides the user with a complete and visually very attractive experience.

The key features and functionalities of the Sprout Pregnancy app are great as one of the best pregnancy apps for Android:

  • Tracking: Sprout is able to display baby development tracking in a 3D and 4D visual representation, which is an exciting and heart-warming experience.
  • Diary: the option of having a personal diary of everything that happens to you during every day of your pregnancy is a luxury. You can record your symptoms and sensations, as well as thoughts.
  • Birth calculator: another of its capabilities is to have a calculator to be clearer about when your child is going to be born.
  • Tips: Offers advice on a variety of topics related to health and nutrition during pregnancy. 
  • Tracking : Track weight and body measurements throughout pregnancy. 
  • Planning tools : The app includes to-do lists and reminders to help you be prepared for baby’s arrival.
  • Image and video gallery : something that is very special is the fact that you have at your disposal a gallery of images and videos related to pregnancy and fetal development. 
  • Community – Includes a community where you can interact with other moms-to-be, share experiences, and ask questions.

Nara Baby for Moms & Dads

The last of the pregnancy monitoring apps for Android that you are going to see on this list is Nara Baby for Moms & Dads.

It is a digital platform and mobile application that is designed for expectant mothers who need support resources as their journey towards motherhood progresses.

Its key features and functionalities are many, as it is one of the best pregnancy apps for Android:

  • Tracking: Provides detailed week-by-week pregnancy tracking. 
  • Diary: Allows women to keep a personal diary of their pregnancy, recording everything they want such as symptoms, emotions, thoughts and photos.
  • Calculator: Due date calculator that helps you estimate when your baby could be born. 
  • Advice: Offers advice on a variety of topics related to health and well-being during pregnancy.
  • Wish List – Has a gift registry tool that allows moms-to-be to create a wish list of products for the baby.
  • Community: Has an active community of mothers and fathers who share their experiences, ask questions and provide support. 
  • Educational Articles – Has a wide variety of educational articles on pregnancy, parenting, and child development.
  • Planning: Includes planning tools and reminders to help you with baby’s arrival.

Pregnancy apps for Android have become essential companions for expectant mothers. These apps not only offer accurate and up-to-date information about baby development and maternal health, but also provide useful tools.

With the help of these pregnancy monitoring apps for Android, your journey towards motherhood will be much better controlled and managed, as well as full of health, joy and unforgettable moments.

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