Microsoft Teams will incorporate an educational apps

Educational apps from Microsoft
Microsoft App

Microsoft are focusing on Educational apps for helping students in this pandemic. Education is changing a lot after the coronavirus and Microsoft Teams are going to implement a new tool to boost its use in the education sector.

During the quarantine we have seen how the educational sector was completely changed . After the improvisation to which society was subjected, the teachers along with the educational centers were the ones who had to face the new paradigm and assess the tools and methodology to be used . Videoconferences, forums, emails and a thousand platforms served to continue learning.

Now from Microsoft they are working on a new learning educational apps that will be implemented in Microsoft Teams and whose objective will be to collect the different sources and options in the same space.

This tool will be launched during 2020 and will be based on collaboration with different platforms to offer the maximum possible flexibility and bring all types of users closer together without requiring a long adaptation process.
In this Microsoft Teams tool you can find content from LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft Learn. In a first phase, the main objective will be to transform it into a platform used for online courses or training conducted by companies . Among the main advantages will be reliability, that all activity and student monitoring is monitored.

It is clear that with this new educational paradigm an important business window is opened for companies and Microsoft will try to make the most of it. At the moment, Microsoft has been trying for schools to integrate the tool for a while, we will see if it accelerates the process with these changes.

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