Windows 11 App Install Hack: Say Goodbye to Clicks!

windows 11 app install

The Microsoft team has been testing different dynamics to improve the experience that Windows 11 provides to users.

Some tests focus on popular features of the operating system, and others try to streamline some tasks so they are not so tedious. Following this dynamic, in one of its latest tests, Microsoft is testing a new system for installing applications in Windows 11.

Windows 11 will make it easier to install apps

So far, the only way to install an application in Windows 11 is to search for it in the Microsoft Store, and then go to the tab to click the “Install” button. Although it is not a complicated task, the Microsoft team wants to speed up this process with a new system.

As mentioned in the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22635.2850 report, Microsoft will allow you to install an application by simply hovering over the name of the application, even when you are not in its tab.

So, you can install an application when you are on the store’s Home page, or in some of its sections, without having to open the specific application page. At the moment, the Microsoft team is testing this dynamic in the beta version of Windows 11, so you will not find it in its stable version yet.

Other news that will come to Windows 11

Other news that we find in this compilation for the Insiders program is that Microsoft is creating a dedicated page for Windows 11 instant games. The goal is to make it easier for users to find these game proposals in the Microsoft Store.

And on the other hand, it is also testing a new option to make it easier for users to share Windows files with their WhatsApp contacts. A dynamic that will be done directly from the “Share” option of Windows 11.

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