The authors of Gears 5 would be working on a new IP: it escapes a designer from The Coalition

Again, job offers or social networks such as LinkedIn help us learn about some new projects in the video game sector. In this case, an employee of The Coalition has escaped that they have been working on “a new intellectual property” for months. And, although he has already deleted the publication, some insiders like Klobrille have echoed the moment.

Gears 5 coalition
Gears 5 coalition

The level designer Pedro Camacho is the one who put this information in the account despite the fact that, for the moment, the authors of Gears 5 have not expressed their plans for the future, beyond showing a technical demonstration of what the Unreal Engine 5 technology.

The designer deleted the post after a few minutes

For now, the studio recently stated that they had no game to announce in the near future and that they would be supporting Gears 5 until launching Operation 8 of the popular third-person adventure, which has also had post-launch support with the Hive Crusher narrative DLC.

In any case, the job offer suggests that the supposed new IP would be a development of just six months of life, since it indicates that the project was born last February, so it would currently be taking its first steps. Meanwhile, we leave you with analysis of Gears 5.

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