Gears 5 Hive Crusher review: this is the Gears of War we were crying out for

Although my partner Alex was a lot more benevolent than I was in his analysis of Gears 5, I think it was pretty clear that neither of us married too much to the twist of The Coalition. The future of the franchise didn’t look particularly good, but luckily, miracles still exist.

I can’t think of a better qualifier to talk about Gears 5 Hive Crusher, the expansion that tells us how the Scorpio platoon was formed before serving as the protagonists of Escape mode. A brief campaign that manages to condense all the spectacularity, rhythm and bad milk that we ask of this saga.

Tremendous joy of Gears 5 hive crusher

For those of you who have not given this additional mode a chance, the idea is that three most Kaffir and irreverent soldiers infiltrate hives to damage them from the inside, placing a poison gas bomb that will kill all the creatures that swarm around. there as they try to escape their own time bomb.

Hive Crusher tells how the group got together and what motivated their peculiar work based on action sequences, brand name expletives and a good salad of shots dressed with toppings.

No philosopher’s badges on the meaning of life, but the constant leap from ” this looks bad ” to the always recurring ” eat shit and die.” A Gears with all of the law, come on.

Two hours of gameplay that fly by because, unlike side missions and open worlds that sledding in the future, this is an eternal corridor full of wide areas in which to turn your back on the enemy and withstand their onslaught, suffering the most for ammunition and life.

Gears 5 hive

A brutal experience that, in addition, takes on any hint of boredom or repetition at a stroke based on sections that break the monotony and turn the shootings into an amusement park where anything can happen. I do not want to talk more than necessary and surprise anyone, so I will limit myself to outlining a ” tremendous joy “.

Outlining the potential of Xbox Series X

Returning to the gameplay of Escape mode by granting powers to their characters, the three protagonists will offer the possibility of using skills that help us in combat.

There’s Keegan with an ammo chest that automatically refills our magazines, Lahni with an electric chop for those who like close- quarters combat, and Mac, who deploys a shield that can save us from a scare.

They make more sense in cooperative than alone because their artificial intelligence is not enough to read or propose strategies, but it is an interesting addition that enhances large integers wanting to enjoy it online or split screen.

Where there is no room for complaints is how The Coalition has wanted to serve up an adventure at the height of the new generation on a silver platter. An exquisite and stunning visual display which, among high – resolution textures and light effects, help further understand the potential of Xbox X Series.

Hopefully this little wonder serves to focus the studio and redirect the franchise towards what made it unique: a mindless pan of shots in which there was never room for boredom or consideration. If this is what the future of Gears of War holds, let the next one arrive.

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