Square Enix Plans ‘Solid Entry’ into Blockchain Gaming Following Success of First NFTs

We could say that we are having the entire staff of video game companies looking at the growing market for NFTs. Throughout these days, most companies are presenting their financial reports and with them, many of their future plans. This same week we learned about the vision that Electronic Arts had shared about blockchain technology and NFTs, which it considers the future of the video game industry.

But in addition to EA, we have also heard Ubisoft make a similar speech, also Epic, who even used their support for this technology to distance themselves from Steam.On this occasion, Square Enix has highlighted in its financial report the good performance of the NFTs and its future plans for blockchain technology.

Square Enix included a line of NFT in the mobile video game Shi-San-Sei Million Arthur selling out shortly after it went on sale. This has led the company to consider ” a solid entry into the NFT gaming segment.” Square Enix has also reflected in its report that they are confident that games are expanding from centralized to decentralized, something that will benefit them when the token economy and NFTs take hold.

The report shared by analyst Daniel Ahmad also reflects the good health of Final Fantasy XIV, the architect of growth for the company in the MMO segment of 32.5%. The popular Square Enix MMORPG will close an eleven-year narrative arc with its Endwalker expansion, available this coming December 7, after announcing a delay of a couple of weeks.

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