Samsung executives confirmed: Galaxy Note 21 will not be launched this year

Samsung officially confirmed today that it will not launch the Galaxy Note 21 this year. Samsung said in its blog post that it will focus more on foldable phones, and many features of the Galaxy Note series will be integrated into other Galaxy series phones.In the official blog post, Dr. TM Roh of Samsung said: “We want to create new heights, open up a whole new world for more people, and bring exciting experiences.

I hope you can join us because we will be the first Launch our next Galaxy Z series and share some foldable surprises-including the first S Pen designed specifically for foldable phones. This time we did not release a new Galaxy Note, but will further expand the beloved The Note function allows more Samsung Galaxy devices to use”.

Samsung Galaxy note 21
Samsung Galaxy note 21

Interestingly, the executive did not confirm in the blog post whether Samsung has completed the new Galaxy Note model, which means that Samsung may launch this model next year.

Earlier, there were reports that Samsung would have to skip the release of Galaxy Note 21 due to continuing chip shortages, and a rumored source believed that the Korean smartphone giant did not abandon this series because of these models. Still bring income to the company.

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