Steam has a new strategy to prevent you from buying cheaper games from other regions

Manually changing the geographical location of your Steam account from the settings to access a regional store where currency conversion is cheap is one of the most popular strategies among PC users to save money, but it is also one that Valve has a long time wanting to fight. Now, with the arrival of their summer sales, Gabe Newell’s company has taken a new strategy.

As reported from Steam Database – an unofficial medium, but with a long journey in terms of platform analysis – the measure in question is to limit the number of times you can change region in your account: only You will be allowed to do it once every three months, and also only payment methods from the selected region will be accepted.

Steam engine store
Steam engine

That last point is particularly aggressive, because if you have your sights on, say, the Russian store, you will have to use a Russian credit or debit card when checking out. Of course, some users will continue to challenge the legal boundaries by using VPN systems, partially in response to price inflation over the value of games in US dollars.

In any case, if you are interested in getting new PC games soon, the Steam Summer Sale is a must.  We have compiled some of our favourite options, but if these suggestions do not help you, remember that you have until July 8 to find your ideal game.

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