How to download TikTok videos without watermark

TikTok is a social network that has had a great impact in recent years, and there is rarely a person who does not spend a good time dead every day scrolling up to see the classic videos of recipes, animals or various tips. Many of these sometimes end up loving us, and we don’t want to lose them for the world. For this reason, you may want to download a specific TikTok video in the gallery.

But in addition to the videos of other people that we find, there will also be the need on some occasion to download a video that we have uploaded ourselves. Given this situation, it should be known that the TikTok video can be downloaded with or without a water march, as we explain in this article.

How to download TikTok video with watermark

One of the most comfortable ways to download a video from this social network, since you won’t have to leave it. Simply, you will have to be on the video that you are interested in downloading and hold it down to find the drop-down menu where you will see the Save video button, automatically saving it to your device’s gallery.

In a second point, when clicking on this menu option, a selection of all your friends will appear to be able to share it. This is something that can be skipped by clicking on the menu itself to close it, since it will already be stored in the gallery. This will be accompanied by the watermark on the left side of the screen, this being the logo of the social network and the name of the original account where it is uploaded.

Download TikTok video without the watermark

But if the symbol and the reference of the source is something that you do not want to appear, you will have to resort to web pages that offer this service. To do this, you first have to get the link of the TikTok video you want to download by holding down on the screen when you are in the video and clicking on the link icon that appears in the application along with the other ways to share the video. video (WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook…). This will also be able to be copied from the address bar of the browser if the video is being viewed on this platform.

When you already have the copied link, you will have to access the SSSTIK website and paste the link in the bar that is available at the top. Next, you will have to click on Download that is on the right side.

download tiktok video without watermark

The web page will detect the video, showing the author and the description of the video, with several options on the right side, among which you can choose to download only the sound in MP3. But in this case we are interested in clicking on No watermark so that the file is generated, after seeing an ad, in the local folder in .mp4 format to share it without the hateful watermark characteristic of TikTok.

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