Qualcomm obtains US permission to sell processor back to Huawei

There is good news for Huawei that it is now able to sell Qualcomm processor to US. Since the United States decided to impose its blockade on Huawei more than a year ago, the American companies that collaborated with them have had to stop their businesses. However, this commercial blockade is gradually being relaxed, different companies have been obtaining special licenses to continue selling to Huawei. The last one is perhaps one of the most important, Qualcomm, which will provide 4G chips to Huawei again.

With the blockade by the United States in Huawei, they saw practically no options for the development of their mobile chips. They not only lost the possibility of using Qualcomm chips but also of manufacturing their own by relying on TSMC and American technologies, it even happened with the screens.

4G processor (chips) for Huawei smartphones

Things are changing, according to Reuters, Qualcomm is again licensed to sell some 4G processors to Huawei . Qualcomm did not specify which products Huawei is allowed to sell, but told Reuters they were related to mobile devices. This means that soon we will see Huawei mobile phones that include Qualcomm processors. Of course, probably not the latest models with 5G and we will see if at the level of the latest Kirin.

Huawei processor making company

Qualcomm is actually just the latest of the companies to be licensed. Recently another big American manufacturer to get it was Intel. One of the first was Microsoft.

The sanction was first issued in May 2019 and since then Huawei has had a series of extensions that have allowed it to operate for longer in the United States before the order took effect.

However, things began to tighten in May 2020 , with the US Department of Commerce tightening the rules. Among the changes they made was requiring any foreign semiconductor manufacturer to obtain a US license if they used US equipment or technology to make processor for Huawei.

Via | Reuters

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