United States banned Huawei permanently

More than a year after the United States announced its veto of Huawei , it has finally taken effect. United States banned Huawei permanently from this August 13. During this period of time, different extensions have allowed US companies to continue collaborating with Huawei, something that finally ended on August 13, when the last of the extensions expired.
Since the US government announced its plans regarding Huawei, they have granted various extensions for companies to adapt and have time to remove Huawei from their operating systems. This has been of particular importance for US carriers to leave their clients without coverage. But it has also allowed companies like Google to continue offering updates to Huawei phones.
Not one or two have been granted , but several , extensions that have lengthened the arrival of the veto to more than one year and three months . It finally came into force on August 13, as confirmed by the United States Department of Commerce to the Washington Post .

What happens to Huawei phones with Google Play Services

Regardless of what happens in the field of the US operators that collaborated with Huawei, where the most users are going to see ( and are already seeing ) the consequences of the veto is in the Google services on Huawei mobiles . Some of the company’s new phones directly come without Google services and only open source Android. An example of this is the Huawei P40 Pro, which we saw what it can do without these services. .
Apart from the new phones, those launched before May 16, 2019 can also be affected. Google has permission to continue collaborating and updating Huawei phones released prior to this date. However, as indicated in the GSMA , in case there is a problem with the update Google will not be able to help solve the problem. In short, mobiles launched before May 16, 2020 will continue to receive security updates , but if there is a problem Google probably cannot do much.

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