Microsoft has created an online museum of Xbox to commemorate the 20th anniversary

This year has been one of celebration for the Xbox brand, as it has turned 20 years since its official launch in 2001, with the original Xbox and the classic among classics, Halo: Combat Evolved. A brand that, over the years, has been revolutionizing the video game industry in many aspects, and even these days, it seems that nothing else can be invented, Xbox continues to innovate, with services such as Xbox Game Pass, and setting a path to follow in the future. And to celebrate this special date, Microsoft has created an Xbox online museum to commemorate the 20th anniversary.

This news comes from the hand of Tom Warren, senior editor at The Verge, who has published a tweet where a link takes us to the Xbox digital museum, where we can see the entire journey of the American brand over the years. Microsoft has made not only a museum, but it has made interactive, which can move in a 3D environment with an avatar and watch consoles, major release every year, etc.

It is a movement that shows everything that has been advanced in 20 years of history, and hopefully and other companies are encouraged to celebrate special dates in this way, since they show all their achievements that they have been achieving. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that, in 20 years, there will be another Xbox digital museum, and we can see the progress that has been made in all those years.

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