Microsoft is the best thing that has happened to Google Chrome

Microsoft abandoned a few months ago its native Edge of Windows 10 to bet on a renewed Edge with Chromium engine, the same engine that gives life to Chrome and other browsers. Improvements in development that Microsoft is implementing in Edge, such as lower RAM consumption, help make Google Chrome even better. And no, this doesn’t bother the Redmond guys at all. For Google; Microsoft is the best thing that has happened to Google Chrome.

Who was going to tell us not long ago that Microsoft was going to abandon its Edge to surrender to Chrome . With the launch of Windows 10 in 2015, the Redmond introduced Edge, a completely new browser that came as the substitute for Internet Explorer. This a few years ago would have been bigger words, but in 2015 the domain of Chrome or Firefox was such that not many cared about the arrival of Edge.

Yes, it was a fast and secure browser when it was configured well, but it was missing the integration with applications that Chrome had , the extensions and, in the end, the browsing experience was much better in the Google browser (and in anyone, go). Also, the user share was minuscule because Edge was most often used on a new computer to download Chrome.

As we say, a few months ago Microsoft gave up on the Google engine and created its Edge Chromium and, with it, things have changed. The feedback received from users is being good, the implementation is still small (somewhat normal), but the experience of use and, the sharing of data with Chrome and the possibility of using extensions makes the new Edge a very good browser. interesting .
In addition, one of the best points of this new Microsoft browser is that it has behind the Windows team, the Microsoft development team and the Google team to support Chrome. That is, what is implemented in Chrome eventually reaches Edge Chromium, but Microsoft has other teams focused on the development of their browser and, in the same way that Chrome improvements reach Edge, advances in Edge reach Chrome.

As we see on TechRadar , it is said that ” Microsoft is the best thing that can happen to Chrome ” due to those Edge improvements that end up reaching the Chrome browser. Specifically, this own research has improved Chrome errors, such as having Google browser notifications that were repeated in Windows 10.
Also, recent improvements to Edge will also cause Chrome to consume less RAM , and this is one of the best points of all this. Google has been in a very comfortable position for years, with a browser that is almost synonymous with … well, the term “browser” and, although it has been promising performance improvements, not all have been as users expected.
Microsoft is interested in improving its Edge as much as possible , but with these improvements it also makes Chromium code better, benefiting other browsers such as Vivaldi or Chrome itself. So, yes, it is not far-fetched, seen the seen, to think that Microsoft is the best thing that has happened to Google Chrome.

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