Microsoft Edge 93 optimizes the vertical tab page experience: the browser title bar can be hidden

In the upcoming Edge 93 browser, Microsoft will improve the vertical tab page. The user will see a new option after switching to the vertical tab. After enabling it, the title bar of the browser can be hidden, so as to obtain extra pixel space when using the vertical tab view. 

One of the main differentiating factors between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome is the former’s support for vertical tabs. Microsoft Edge launched the vertical tab function at the end of 2020, which can move the tab bar from the horizontal position above the address bar to the sidebar on the left.  

In the recent period, Microsoft has continuously improved and introduced new features for vertical tabs. First, it supports adjusting the size of the tabs, and then supports tab groups. Microsoft introduced the tag group function in Edge 93, which allows users to group tags according to usage scenarios.

Although this works well when the labels are displayed horizontally, it works better when the labels are displayed vertically.  

The core reason is that vertical tabs display more tabs on the screen without scrolling; this in turn makes operations such as dragging and dropping or positioning tabs or groups easier. Up to now, vertical tabs have not provided so much space saving effect, because if vertical tabs are enabled, Edge will display a title bar.  

Starting with the stable version of Edge 93, all users can choose to hide the title bar if vertical tabs are displayed in Edge. When enabled, the design mimics the default layout of Edge, but does not include the tab bar. The window minimize, maximize, and close buttons are displayed in a very thin bar in the upper right corner, just above the browser address bar. The label is displayed vertically, and there is no title bar to display the title of the active page. You can move the mouse cursor to the sidebar to display all the titles.

 Microsoft Edges 93
Microsoft edge 93

The following is how to enable this feature in Edge 93 or higher  

  • Enter edge://settings/appearance in the address bar of the browser  
  • Scroll down to “Customize Toolbar”  
  • Enable “Hide title bar in vertical tabs”

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