Chrome 92 stable version release download: CPU usage decreased

This week, the stable channel of the Chrome browser was updated, and the official version of Chrome 92 was released and downloaded for all platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android. 

In terms of upgraded content, the iOS version adds the function of supporting fingerprint, face or password encryption for anonymous access tags.  

In the Android and iOS versions, you can also more deeply control the invocation of sensitive functions such as microphone, location information, and sound.  

Chrome 92
Chrome 92

This time, Chrome 92 is also optimized in terms of speed and power consumption.   The new site isolation function can prevent malicious JavaScript scripts from launching a broad-spectrum network attack, but because of its separate rendering feature, it will greatly consume CPU resources. Google said that it has optimized it to avoid this situation.

According to Google, the CPU usage of the entire rendering and loading utility has been reduced by 1.2%.  

At the same time, Chrome can identify possible phishing websites by comparing color profiles. It took 1.8 seconds before, but now it only takes 0.1 seconds, a 94% reduction in time.  

In addition, Chrome 92 also fixes 35 security vulnerabilities. As planned, the official version of Chrome 93 will be launched on August 31, and the official version of Chrome 94 will be launched on September 21.You can download chrome 92 from playstore or APK mirror

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