The Epic Games Store will lose more than 300 million dollars in deals and free games

A projection of about 600 million dollars. That is the figure that, according to Apple estimates, Epic Games will spend from the birth of the Epic Games Store until the end of 2021. The legal battle between the apple company and Fortnite is putting on the table the figures behind the assault on Steam.

According to PCGamer, the money invested by Epic only in the exclusives signed during 2020 already reaches 444 million dollars. Temporary agreements that, as in the case of Control and its 10.45 million dollars, guaranteed the creators a specific amount regardless of whether they sold or not.

Epic assures that, despite this, the business remains profitable and that it closed 2020 with more than 160 million buyers, peaks of 56 million monthly active users and a total of 700 million spent in its store.

Epic games store: The best defense is a good offense

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Epic games

The numbers come to light as part of Apple’s defense in the litigation between the two companies. A strategy designed to show that the Epic games store is not profitable, and that all that accumulated spending would not be recovered until 2027.

“Apple turns it around as if it were ‘losing money’, but spending now to build a big profitable business in the future is precisely what an investment means! It is just like building a factory, a store or a play”.

The truth is that, with numbers from Epic itself, of the 700 million dollars spent in its store, only 265 million would belong to the purchase of games from other companies.

If the difference between one figure and another is not so worrying, it is precisely because 700 million dollars is also the figure that Epic has harvested through the microtransactions of the game on iOS during the time it has been active on Apple platforms.

If you want to take a look at the document with the defense of Apple you can do it from here. The fight between the two companies seemed to have lessened in recent months, but it is clear that it has only just begun.

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