How to easily Jailbreak any iPhone with Unc0ver

You can now legally jailbreak any iPhone with Unc0ver using these given steps. The Jailbreak is a method (similar in objective to the rooteo Android) that allows to break the closed environment that Apple imposes on its ecosystem of hardware and software, and thereby fully access to the iOS operating system and install apps, themes or games outside the official store, as well as other functions limited by default by the Cupertino company.

The golden age of the Jailbreak has already passed after the closure of the large app repositories, the “bolt” that Apple has put into the code in the latest versions of iOS and the fear of users of losing support as Apple cited at the time that “could void the warranty.” At this point it must be clarified that these techniques are perfectly legal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Security aspects have also influenced the drop in Jailbreak usage. Not for this directly, but because a lot of malware has crept into the alternative platforms used to install applications. This does not mean that this method is not yet used by many users who want to “unlock” their iPhones and the tool that we bring you today allows it.

Unc0ver is surely the most advanced to Jailbreak. The new update 6.0 was released last weekend and its most outstanding feature is the expansion of its compatibility to use in terminals that run from iOS 11.0 to iOS 14.3.

Unc0ver’s lead developer, the well-known Pwn20wnd, has reported that they “wrote their own exploit for optimal speed and stability” on the hack. The exploit exploits a known kernel privilege escalation security vulnerability that Apple fixed in the latest iOS version 14.4.

In case you’re not into these techniques, Jailbreak involves privilege escalation that works by exploiting security flaws in iOS to grant users root access and full control over their devices. By doing so, you allow users to remove software restrictions imposed by Apple.

Some security researchers consider that Apple “should allow jailbreak without having to execute these exploits” that ultimately exploit security vulnerabilities, although it must be clarified that the security of the devices remains intact. Of course, once we have obtained root access, in addition to the possibility of installing alternative software, we will have to be extremely careful against malware.

How to jailbreak any iPhone with Unc0ver

We do not believe that Apple will in any way facilitate these types of unlocks for users. Not only that, but it haunts them by way of quick updates for iOS and threats like “losing the warranty.” It does not come to fruition, but it is scary. Follow the instructions below to jailbreak any iPhone with Unc0ver.

Jailbreak any iPhone with Unc0ver

You decide at your own risk. Unc0ver is available in version 6.0 for use from macOS, Linux, and Windows. The process is similar with all of them and under different methods, AltStore, Cydia or Xcode. In addition to the download, the page offers a step-by-step guide for each version. It is more difficult to write it than to do it … As an example from Windows and using AltStore:

  • Install iTunes (Win32 version not Universal UWP).
  • Download AltStore using the link of the operating system where you carry out the process.
  • Extract the files and run the “Setup.exe” file.
  • Press the Windows key, type “AltServer” and open the application.
  • Click the arrow icon near the network icon on the taskbar. This will open a menu with multiple icons. Find a diamond shaped AltServer logo and click on it.
  • From the option that will appear, place the cursor on Install AltStore and select your iOS device.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password when prompted.
  • On the iPhone, open Settings → General → Device Management and tap on the Apple ID.
  • Tap the “Open in AltStore” button.
  • AltStore will install the application.
  • Open unc0ver and jailbreak.

The method with Cydia is just as simple and can also be done from Mac or Linux computers by following the detailed process offered on the same page. The installation can be completed in the same terminal and the step by step is described in the “iOS” button. Efficient and tremendously compatible with this Unc0ver, now capable of jailbreaking devices with the latest iOS 14.3 version.

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