The smart electric tape dispenser you’ll want to use

Everyone has ever used duct tape. And, as a rule, it is not a pleasant experience. Especially if you have to cut and glue a lot of adhesive strips. Everything becomes easier with curious inventions like this smart electric tape dispenser.

It’s one of those inventions that when you use it, you think: “How could I have lived without it until now!” You will see how it is true…

Most of us use manual dispensers. They are cheap and work well, but sometimes they move or don’t cut at all when you use one hand. Plus they can only cut one strip, so you end up hitting a few on the top of your hand. When you have to wrap several gifts or make a craft, cutting the zeal ends up becoming a nuisance.

Everything changes when a machine does it for you, and also intelligently: count the strips you take, and replace the same amount. Take a look at the video because it is very curious:

smart electric tape dispenser
smart electric tape dispenser

This dispenser is called Tape Dispenser RT-3700 and has been created by the Korean company Ezmro, which complains bitterly on its website that, despite being patented, certain brands have copied it, and sell a lower quality version.

There have been other machines of this type on the market for a long time, but the Tape Dispenser RT-3700 has some new features.

As we can see in the video, with some wheels on the side you can set the length of each strip that the machine must cut. Allows strips between 15 and 70 mm.

Under the disc there is another wheel that is used to set the number of strips that the machine cuts in a row, between 1 and 12 (no more fit on the disc).

Most interesting of all, this smart tape dispenser has a sensor that detects the number of strips left on the disc. If we take a certain amount, it replaces the same number instantly.

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