iOS 15 revealed: Apple is already revealing new functions

Apple is currently surprisingly willing to provide information and unmasked the first functions of the upcoming iPhone operating system before the first presentation of iOS 15. What can we look forward to?

On the occasion of the Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Apple is more communicative than usual and is already revealing the first functions for the upcoming operating systems before the first preliminary presentation of iOS 15 and watchOS 8 – although Apple does not mention the version number by name, and only speaks of “updates in the course of the year” in clauses. We have already reported on the new hand gesture control of the Apple Watch, which allows physically impaired people to operate the smartwatch without contact. But there is also something new to discover for iPhone users.

Apple’s plan for iOS 15: The iPhone fights noise

If you want to concentrate better and don’t want to be distracted by ambient noise, you will find an interesting feature in iOS 15 – background noise. They should cover up annoying noises on the street or in the office under a carpet of sound. Among other things, various natural sounds are available, all of which can also be played back together with other media content. It goes without saying that the use of headphones, such as the AirPods, is more than recommended for this feature.

Apple iOS 15

However, a number of other functions for barrier-free access to the iPhone in iOS 15 are to be implemented. For example, photos can be “felt”. Using “VoiceOver”, the position of a person can be reproduced together with other objects within images. In this way, photographed invoices can also be explored. But wearers of compatible hearing aids will also look forward to the iPhone update, as they will get this feature:

Apple also brings support for the recognition of audiograms – diagrams that show the results of a hearing test – in “Headphone Accommodations”. Users can quickly customize their audio with their latest hearing test results imported from a paper or PDF audiogram. Headphone Accommodations amplifies soft sounds and adapts certain frequencies to the hearing of the user.

The last iOS update brought a number of useful features, those who are not familiar with them should definitely take a look:

More about iOS 15 then at WWDC 2021

New Memojis are also worth mentioning. They show people with hearing implants, oxygen tubes and soft protective helmets. IOS 15 will be officially discussed on June 7th, when Apple will open the virtual WWDC, Apple’s developer conferenc. In this regard, a live stream is expected again in which Apple will present the first preliminary versions of the new operating systems.

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