Learn to create video games in Unity from scratch with this free programming course for absolute beginners

This unity free course will teach beginners to create video games in Unity. The Unity video game engine is the most used in the industry and is an excellent tool that is not only praised by experienced developers, but can also be used by newbies to get started in the world of game creation.

If this is something you are interested in and you are not sure where to start, the folks at freeCodeCamp have put together a free seven hour course for absolute newbies where you will learn all the basics to create your first game from start to finish.

Learn to code by creating a complete game from start to finish

The course begins by explaining how to install Unity, an overview of using Unity, and the fundamentals of C #. Then you will learn how to create a complete game from start to finish. All the resources you need are included for free, just check the links in the video description. This guide will help starters easily create video games in Unity and develop advanced games.

The course video on YouTube is just over seven hours long, and was developed by Awesome Tuts instructor Fahir, a creator who constantly posts coding tutorials. All material is available in English only.

In the description of the video on YouTube you can find links to download all the project files, from the Unity assets to the complete video game that you are going to create during the course.

Learn to create video games in Unity from scratch

In addition, the course is divided into sections with marks on the video so that you can easily jump from one to another or repeat a section if you want to review. If you finish this little first step, you can then take advantage of freeCodeCamp’s free educational programs to earn certifications and become a developer.

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