How to remove sound from a Live Photo taken with the iPhone

If you are using iPhone then you may want to know, how to remove sound from a Live Photo taken with the iPhone. We have commented on it on some other occasion, Live Photos , Apple’s animated photos, are a very good way to remember great moments when we review our gallery. They can also be a very effective method to share an experience , send a hug to a loved one or a video of your little one’s first steps.

These animated captures record both video and audio frames, which we can then play by holding down the screens of our iPhone. Something that users of this type of captures may find annoying, however, is that the Live Photos lack audio if our device has the mode tab active without sound , unlike the rest of the content that we play, which sounds despite this and it is dependent on the volume of the device.

This can lead to certain uncomfortable situations, since we may think that we are sharing a Live Photo without audio and yet our receivers will have sound if they do have the sound tab active.

For these situations, and for all those who want to silence the Live Photos they share so that only the action of the video can be reproduced, today we explain how to eliminate the sound of a Live Photo made with the iPhone .

How to remove sound from a Live Photo

Following are the steps on how to remove sound from a Live Photo taken with the iPhone. The steps are very simple and it takes just a few seconds once we have our Live Photo recorded.

  • 1st Open Photos and go to the Live Photo you want to remove the sound from.
  •  With the Live Photo open, click where it says Edit in the upper right part.
  •  Then, with the Live Photo already in the editing mode, look for the Live Photo icon at the bottom, to the right of where it says Cancel , and click on it.
  • 4th With the Live Photo editing option active, click on the speaker icon that you will find in the upper left, you will see that the icon changes from orange to gray and that now the speaker will be crossed out.
  • 5th To finish editing, click on Ok in the lower right. Your Live Photo will no longer play sound in any case.

From here on we can share our capture without worrying about anyone listening to your audio. If we want to recover it, we can always in the original file that is in our terminal, access the same Live Photos editing menu and activate it again from the speaker icon.

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