How to activate the new Chrome design: rounded corners to better integrate into Windows 11

Google has released version 96 of its popular Chrome browser and this time all those who use Windows 11 can benefit from one of Chrome’s experimental features to make the browser’s aesthetics better integrate with that of Microsoft’s new operating system. With rounded corners for the main menu, contextual menus or the bookmarks bar, activating these effects and changes in the interface is a very simple process to carry out and now we are going to see the steps that we must follow.

The charm of the curve

In Windows 11 one of the novelties in terms of the interface has been the arrival of rounded corners that create a more pleasing appearance to the eye. Some corners that gradually reach all the applications of the system and the last example we have seen with the Your Phone app.

In order to achieve a visual change in the Google browser that adapts it to the aesthetics of Windows 11, the first thing we have to confirm is that we have Chrome 96 downloaded and installed. It is very easy to know the installed version and we only have to access the menu of the three dots and then in “Help” click on “About Google Chrome”. In case of not having the latest version, we can download it from this link.

Once we are assured that we are using Chrome 96, we must access the window to search for the experimental function. Just type “Chrome: // flags” in the browser bar and once inside use the search engine by typing the term “Windows 11”. At that point, the only thing left to do is “Restart the browser”.

From here we will go on to use a Chrome in which we will observe how the corners become rounded, in the purest Windows 11 style. This also does not prevent this change from being used also on Windows 10-based computers.

For now we do not know when these changes will be reflected in the stable version of Chrome so that it reaches all users. Hopefully, Google will still take a while to clean up bugs and add more improvements.

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