iOS 14 will allow you to change the default applications

It was one of the requests that many of us made to Apple for a long time: allow us to change the default applications of iOS . Our prayers have had their effect and from iOS 14 we can change the default browser and email application. iOS 14 will allow you to change the default applications; browser and email.

iOS 14
iOS 14

Two of the most widely used applications on the iPhone are the email app and the browser. Apple includes the Mail and Safari applications pre-installed on their devices, and although it has been allowed for a long time to eliminate the pre-installed native applications, the reality is that even if we deleted them, when we clicked on a link they referred us to use the native app , which we had to install at have deleted it. This nonsense comes to an end with iOS 14, and now we can define which applications we want to use by default both to browse the Internet and to receive and send emails.

In this way we can use our favorite application as if it were the native Apple, and every time we click on an email from the Contacts application, Mail will not be opened, but we can directly use the app that we like the most. A further step towards a more open system that may have some origin in the increasingly strong pressures of competition authorities that study how Apple may be taking advantage of its dominant position for its benefit and to the detriment of its competitors. We do not know more details of this change but we will be very pending and we will inform you promptly of any news that arises.

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