How to download Facebook reels videos on your phone

download Facebook reels

For more than a month now, Reels, these short videos that originated from Instagram to compete with TikTok, have been on Facebook to be used identically to what happens on Instagram.

Well, if there is a specific reel that you liked, but you don’t know if you can download it to your mobile to see it outside of the Facebook app, the answer is yes and today we will be helping you with those steps that you must follow to make it.

As we mentioned at the beginning, Reels is a content format that has landed on Facebook very recently, and since it is content that comes from another platform that belongs to Meta, Reels, in both apps, will work the same. quite similar way.

In fact, something that does not change on Facebook or Instagram is not being able to download videos natively. However, and getting into the purpose of this article, there are good third-party alternatives.

SnapSave is possibly the best option there is to download videos from Facebook Reels, so if you are interested in what to do and how to use this page to save that Reels material that you like on your mobile, then pay attention to the following lines. Of course, make sure you have the Facebook app updated when doing this.

How to save Facebook Reels videos on your mobile

– Enter the Facebook application on your Android or iOS mobile.
– Above the row of stories, click on the Reels button that appears just above.
– Find that reel that you like and enter the video.
– Once inside, she clicks on the three white dots that appear in the lower right corner.
– Click on Copy link.
– Access the SnapSave website and paste the video link in the blank space.
– Click on Download and wait a moment.

And that’s it, you can see that the videos will already be downloaded to the gallery or photo app on your mobile. Some videos may not be able to be downloaded due to their privacy, but this is an issue that depends on each video and it would be normal for you to be able to download almost as many as you want.

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