Legal ways to download ePub books for free

Free epub download

One way to access reading without spending money is to download epub books. There are websites that offer you this service for free and 100% legal.

The rise of electronic books has been enormous in recent years, especially because reading devices are becoming better and better and because the catalog available is very broad.

In addition, the convenience of being able to read the book you want carrying a lightweight device that takes up nothing, being able to continue where you left off. 

Even having the possibility of knowing the meaning of a word without leaving the reader or having it illuminated to see it better are some advantages that this type of reading provides.

Although there may be, like practically everything in life, some places on the web where you can find books in ePub format fraudulently, the truth is that there are quite a few options where you can download this same type of file, but completely legally. How to download ePub for free:

  • ebook formats
  • How to download free ePub books
  • Where to download free ePub books

ebook formats

The ePub, which we talk about today in the article, is the most used format, since it is the one that best adapts to the vast majority of readers, both devices and applications for smartphones and tablets.

However, it is important to mention that there are also other formats such as mobi, which has one of its best weapons in its great compatibility. 

The file types used by Amazon Kindles are AZW3 and then there are also ebooks in PDF format, although it is not advisable, because it does not allow a good user experience as they are as if they were photographs of the pages and, therefore, do not They fit correctly.

Obviously, there are both programs and websites where you can go from one format to another. For example, from epub to mobi, from mobi to epub, from epub to azw3, among many others. 

How to download free ePub books

Download epub books for free

To download ePub for free and completely legally, you only have to go to the website where they offer this service, and from there, analyze the structure of said page to know where the button is to download the file. It’s pretty easy. 

Once you have it in the internal storage of your device, whether it is a computer with Windows 11 or an Android smartphone, to give two examples, it is time to export it to the application you have to read the books.

If you have an ebook reader like the Amazon Kindle, put the ePub in the storage and it will also have to be exported so that the internal software can identify it. 

As normal, you should always make sure that it is compatible with this type of file, since if not, you will have to choose another one.

Where to download free ePub books

If you are in the Google search engine and you type something similar to download ePub, you will surely have many results, although many of those that appear will not be exactly legal, due to the fact that there are multiple websites where you can download paid books, for free, but fraudulent.

But there are also quite a few websites where you can download ePub for free and that does not involve any type of illegality, since those books are free to share.

That is excellent news for all those who do not want to be complicit in anything that is not within what the law and the rules of coexistence establish. Some of those websites where you can have free ePub and that can be downloaded with complete peace of mind are:

  • Open Library : website with free books and a huge catalog where you will find everything you like.
  • Booknet : more than 22,00 books by more than 6,500 authors is the catalog of this website.
  • Book Library : It has almost 30,000 books in a variety of formats such as PDF, Word, HTML, TXT, RTF, CHM and ePub.
  • Bubok : here it is the authors themselves who post their works to make themselves known.
  • Project Gutenberg : This is an initiative that makes more than 60,000 literary works available to readers free of charge in ePub formats. Books can be shared freely because they are no longer protected by copyright law.
  • Feedbooks : If you are looking for books to read, this website offers you a wide variety of options. They can be easily downloaded in the format you prefer: EPUB, MOBI or PDF. 
  • Wikisource : You can find everything from complete works of classical authors to historical documents. Some texts can only be read online, but others offer ePub, PDF and MOBI formats for download.

As you may have read, enjoying reading on electronic readers or on another device is very simple, you don’t need anything more than to select the website that suits your needs and download the corresponding book.

In addition, you have at your disposal a good number of options to get ePub books for free and legally. To use these resources responsibly, you must take into account the respect of copyright and licenses of the books you download.

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