How to know if your Android phone is being tracked

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You may think that your Android mobile is being tracked, but you don’t know for sure. Well, we are going to tell you a series of things to identify this fact. They are not infallible, but they can be very useful.

A person who takes information from another’s mobile phone will always be able to use it to their advantage to steal privacy, to get some kind of identification and could even reach our bank accounts or cards.

But we shouldn’t be too alarmed either, since it is not usual for this to happen, although we may have the misfortune that it happens to us or that even at this moment they are spying on us while I write this article and you read it.

To be certain that we are not suffering from any type of espionage or malicious software on our Android mobile, through which they can extract important information from us, we are going to see certain signs that could indicate that our smartphone is indeed compromised.

What we are going to tell you is not a guide to self-diagnose one hundred percent that something out of the ordinary happens, but rather a help to get an idea. It is clear that if we believe that we are being spied on, we should take the phone to a specialist. We will only talk about some symptoms.

Unknown apps

There is a signal that is the one that can provide us with the greatest clue of all. We must know for sure what applications we have installed. It may be that there is a pass that we downloaded to test it and we do not remember it, but if we see strange things, that is when we should be wary. 

If we come across an app that you don’t recognize on your phone or one that we’ve clearly never installed before, then we might be on the alert.

One of the most common methods is to take advantage of other applications and install them as if they were an adjacent or similar package, so we must always be very sure that we are installing on the mobile.

Sometimes malware programs disguise themselves as legitimate applications and trick users into installing them.

Strange messages

Surely you have ever received a text message from someone asking you about a dating application profile, about something related to a bank, a package pickup or some kind of debt or fine. They invent anything so that you click on the link they send you and thus control your Android.

The normal thing is to ignore and/or delete these text messages to avoid any phishing attempt or other type of practice.

If we get these messages once in a while, it’s probably nothing to worry about. But if they send it to us more than once and regularly, we must take the terminal to be seen by a professional.

Suspicious phone activity

Phone notifications come in a variety of forms, but are usually announced by the screen lighting up, some sort of sound, or vibration.

If when we go to see what the phone tells us, there is no associated notification, it could be constitutive of some type of spyware. Of course, there are some apps that can cause this type of error, hence the need for us to know one hundred percent of the applications that we have on the computer.

If reboots at different times and not triggered by updates are recurring with some regularity, it could also be a reason to take the phone to a professional to have it cleaned.

Another option to keep in mind is that if we see screenshots or videos we don’t remember taking (especially of potentially sensitive information like text messages and credit card numbers), we most likely have some malicious software on us. the phone. 

Phone records we don’t know about

In this case, calls may appear to numbers that we do not know at all, but above all, 1, 2 or 3 text messages may be sent each month, without us having done anything.

The main problem with these things is that many people do not look at the calls on their telephone bills, especially now that in many cases they arrive via the Internet, but it also adds that, if we realize it, a month will have passed, plenty of time to they have a lot of our information.

Noises during calls

This is less likely, but you may also have software installed that logs phone conversations.

Those who discovered that they were being recorded while talking on the phone reported certain patterns such as their calls being constantly interrupted by constant beeps, echoes, and white noise.

Excessive data usage

We can also realize that something is wrong if we suddenly start to consume many more megabytes of our data rate.

This may mean that some type of malicious software is continually passing information on our activity or some type of list of passwords.

We will be able to realize this in a simple way, what’s more, the Android device itself can indicate what these megabytes are being spent on. If it is in an app that we don’t know about, then we should take action.

Slow and always hot phone

It is already known that nothing lasts forever, and that little by little the phone we have will work more slowly, but it is normal.

Where it would not be so natural, is if the smartphone suddenly, from one day to the next or in a few days began to work much slower and the back of it heated up.

This happens because espionage activities cause the battery to suffer, coming to perform so many tasks for which it heats up much more than normal.

As for poor phone battery life, perhaps rogue built-in features are siphoning power.

With everything you have just read, you will be able to get an idea of ​​whether your Android mobile is being spied on and your privacy is at risk. If so, go immediately to a professional for help.

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