How to activate God mode on your Alexa

We all know that virtual assistants are very fashionable and especially those that incorporate Alexa, since for many they are the ones that work best of all. Well, now there is a kind of God mode in Alexa that we are going to talk to you about right now.

As you well know, Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant, present in all Echo devices and that can also be incorporated into smartphones or tablets.

With Alexa we can do countless things, in addition to multiple tasks and skills with which the experience is completed. Well, it also has different modes at our disposal, among which is the one that we are going to deal with today, which is none other than Super Alexa.

We already warned you not to expect to have magical powers over Alexa or special and dominant functions within the assistant, because nothing is further from reality.

What is Super Alexa mode?

You will be able to use this mode on any device where you interact with Alexa, from the Echo to those that have the mobile application.

As we will show you later, this is a trick that pays homage to those that existed on consoles many years ago where if you entered a sequence with the keys on the controller, tricks for the games were activated.

Well, within Alexa there are several modes that are still jokes for those who run them and that will tell you some funny phrase as an activation of that new and fictitious Alexa ability.

To activate Super Alexa mode, you will have to tell the assistant a series of commands so that once it is finished, it will notify you that the mode is activated.

The peculiarity of this mode is that Alexa is capable of detecting that you are trying to activate it and if you make a mistake in something or you are missing a command, it immediately warns you that you have not entered them correctly.

How useful is the Super Alexa mode?

We are sorry to inform you that this mode is useless and that it is a mere joke that Alexa shares with the user.

Although it tells you that it has activated it, it has not really done anything and your device will continue to behave in the same way and without any change in anything, neither aesthetic, nor in operation, much less in extra functions.

This is how it activates

So that you can activate the Super Alexa mode and have a laugh with everything that has to do with it, you only have to speak to an Amazon device, although it also works if you do it on your mobile, since you already know that there is an app of Alexa for both iOS and Android.

What you should say is the following:

  • Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.

Two small details, the letters B and A must start in English. 

After that Alexa will answer the following:

  • Din, din, din, the code is correct, downloading updates.

It doesn’t always say exactly the same phrase, so if you do it several times it will say something different.

If by chance you make a mistake, Alexa will tell you something like it knows what you’re trying and if you don’t, she can give you clues or tell you what the correct code is.

Other Alexa modes

In Alexa there are other modes for us to try, not just Super Alexa mode.

They are quite varied and different, so the best thing to do is to see which of all of them we like the most.

  • Soccer Mode : It will ask you a few questions about soccer to find out how much you know about the king of sports. To activate say: Alexa, Soccer Mode.
  • Joke mode : as soon as you activate it, it will tell you one of the many jokes that Alexa knows. Say: Alexa, joke mode.
  • Mother Mode: it will emulate mother phrases, it will ask you questions about typical mother things, etc. for you to activate it. You should say Alexa, mother mode.
  • Parent mode : when you say Alexa, parent mode, it will ask you for a code that you will have to guess by means of clues that it gives.
  • Grandma mode : as soon as you tell Alexa, grandma mode, she will reply ” Grandma mode is a super special mode, with it I want to honor all the grandparents and grandmothers in the world, but I can only activate it if you manage to tell me the correct code. To get a hint, tell me, what is the secret code to activate granny mode? “. The code is based on Heidi’s grandfather.
  • Madrid and Galician mode : it will ask you about the Madrid and Galician community. It is activated by saying Alexa, Madrid mode or Alexa, Galician mode.
  • Love mode : the moment we say Alexa, love mode, she will ask us a series of questions of which you must get at least three right and if not, you will have to try again until you get it.
  • Baby, child or adolescent mode: there are three modes that, depending on the region where we live, may not have arrived as in my particular case, but we know that there are regions where it is operational and to activate it you must know a code that has to see with babies, children or adolescents respectively.
  • Self- Destruct Mode – If you say Alexa, Self-Destruct Mode will tell you that it turns it on, but trusts you to turn it off before it happens. When the countdown ends you will get a surprise, but it is not that the device explodes or smoke comes out. 

Alexa modes depend on the part of the world where you live, since, for example, if you live in Latin America you will have modes such as Chilango, Mexican, Caribbean or Northern that Spain are not operational.

Thanks to the Super Alexa mode and the rest of the modes that Alexa has, you will have some very fun moments, although, as you have seen, they are only used for that, to take them with a lot of humor, since they do not have any really effective value.

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