OK Google: The most important voice commands for Google Assistant

Initially, the “Ok Google” questions were little more than a party gag for most users, but now the “Google Assistant” is one of the best language assistants. We have summarized the most important voice commands and functions of “Google Assistant” here on Technoeager for you.

How to start the “Google Assistant”

If you are on a long car journey, have both hands full or for other reasons cannot operate the smartphone manually, voice control via the “Google Assistant” can be a real lifesaver.

In order to use the “Google Assistant”, the latest version of the app should be installed on your smartphone. To start the voice assistant, simply say “OK Google” or “Hey Google”, alternatively you can hold down the home button for a longer time.

We explain more information and how you can deactivate the “Google Assistant” in the following video :

Voice commands are all natural language

With the “Google Assistant” you can start phone calls, send messages, set the alarm and much more. You can also ask many technical questions on your cell phone. The “Google Assistant” then simply pulls the answer from the search engine and provides you with information from Google services or quotes from Wikipedia and other sites.

You don’t have to use the voice control like a robot. You can speak freely, the “Google Assistant” then pulls the command or the important keywords from the sentence itself. So you don’t have to say “What temperature – today – Berlin”, but can ask quite normally “How many degrees is it in Berlin today?”. The “Google Assistant” also understands the colloquial degree instead of degrees Celsius (° C) and answers you promptly with the weather forecast.

The most important voice commands and functions

Important voice commands for Google assistant
voice assistant

We have summarized the most important voice commands and functions of “Google Assistant” for you here (variables bold). Of course there are many more questions and commands.

These are some of the instructions you can give after saying Ok Google:

  • Open Google account settings. 
  • Change my Google privacy settings. 
  • Adjust Google security settings.
  • Show my Google search history.
  • Turn Bluetooth on or off.
  • Turn Wi-Fi on or off.
  • Turn Airplane mode on or off.
  • Turn Do Not Disturb on or off.
  • Turn Flashlight on or off.
  • Put the mobile on silence.
  • Raise or lower the brightness.
  • Set the brightness to 25%.
  • Increase or decrease the volume.
  • Set the volume to 50%


Extremely useful, especially when driving or abroad: Call contacts and send messages via voice control and quickly find definitions and translations of words.

  • Call John.
  • Send SMS / WhatsApp message / email to John.
  • Listen to the mailbox.
  • Say ” I’m sorry ” in Chinese.
  • What does communication mean?

Alarm clock & time

Can tell you the time (at a specific location) and set the alarm clock or a countdown to a specific time (within the next 24 hours).

  • What time is it in Sydney ?
  • Wake me up at 7:45.
  • Wake me up in an hour and a half.
  • Remember to 19:15 the garbage out to accommodate.
  • What time is it?
  • How much is left for 10 hours?
  • Set an alarm for X hours.
  • Add an alarm every day at X hours.
  • Wake me up in X minutes.
  • Wake me up on Mondays at X hours.
  • Remove the next alarm.
  • Show me the reminders.
  • Set a reminder.
  • Remind me to buy milk at Mercadona.
  • Remind me to call mom tomorrow at 10 o’clock.

General questions & tips for everyday life

The “Google Assistant” can also answer everyday problems and, for example, have units of measurement converted or simple instructions dictated. Questions about actors, films, sports clubs and much more are possible – try out for yourself what the “Google Assistant” can provide you with an answer to.

  • How is the weather in Berlin ?
  • Which films does Patrick Stewart star in ?
  • How old is Angela Merkel ?
  • In which cinema is “ Star Wars: The Last Jedi ” showing ?
  • What’s coming in the cinema?
  • How long is the film “ The Fabulous World of Amélie ”?
  • Potatoes recipes.
  • What is 4 times 22 ?
  • How much is 5 Euros in US Dollars ?
  • How much are 5 Centimeters to Inches ?
  • How Much Calories Do French Fries Have ?
  • Who is the writer / director / protagonist of Harry Potter ?
  • How is Borussia Dortmund doing ?
  • When is the next game of FC Schalke 04 ?
  • How did FC Bayern Munich play against Hannover 96 ?
  • Which club does Cristiano Ronaldo play for ?

Operate apps and mobile phone functions

You can control media playback and other supported apps on your mobile phone using the “Google Assistant”.

  • Increase / decrease the screen brightness.
  • Turn the volume down / up.
  • Turn the flashlight on / off.
  • Make a note.
  • Take a picture (in 10 seconds).
  • Record a video.
  • Play AC / DC on Spotify.
  • Play the Rock playlist.
  • Start YouTube.
  • Open twitter.com
  • Show me pictures / videos of Lady Gaga.

Calls and messages

The Google Assistant allows you to carry out various tasks related to phone calls and text messages without having to touch the screen of your mobile 

Pay attention to the commands you can use:

  • Call mom. 
  • Start a video call with mom.
  • Text Dad and tell him I’m having lunch tomorrow.
  • Send a WhatsApp to my sister that says “Tomorrow I’m going to eat with mom and dad. Come closer if you want.”
  • Send an email to Álvaro with the subject “Tomorrow as it were” and the message “Tomorrow I’m going to eat with my parents”.

Information and searches

The Google assistant allows you to get answers to all your questions without touching the screen of your mobile. All you have to do is say what you want to know and the system will offer you the information.

But what exactly is it that you may ask? If you have questions, here are some examples of the questions that Google Assistant can answer:

History searches, events, characters, definitions, measurement conversion…

  • How many dollars is a euro?
  • How many km equals a mile?
  • How many liters equal a gallon?
  • Who was the US president when NATO was founded?
  • When is Valentine’s Day?
  • How tall is Cristiano Ronaldo?
  • Who is Frida Khalo?
  • Why is the sky blue?
  • Who invented penicillin?
  • What time does the sun rise?
  • How many episodes does Sea of ​​Plastic have?
  • How far is Venice?
  • What is the definition of melancholy?
  • What does binary mean?
  • Define request.

Nutritional information

  • Help me get nutritional information.
  • How much vitamin C does an orange have?
  • How many calories does a loaf of bread have?
  • fat from an egg

Financial information

  • Help me consult financial markets.
  • How much are prices in the DOW 30?
  • Microsoft stock price.

search news

  • Help me find news.
  • Play news.

Music, audio, movies, TV, videos and photos

Music and audio commands

  • Put music on Spotify.
  • Play the list It’s finally Friday on Spotify.
  • Put bossanova on Spotify.
  • Put Arctic Monkeys on Spotify.
  • Put music on Google Play Music / YouTube Music.
  • Put Michael Jackson on Google Play Music / YouTube Music.
  • Play relaxing music on Google Play Music / YouTube Music.
  • Pause the music.
  • Skip to the next song.
  • Play the previous song again.
  • Play randomly.
  • Play funny sounds.
  • Sing a song.
  • Sing me a serenade.
  • What sound does the cow make?
  • Give me a beat.

movie commands

  • Billboard for this weekend.
  • What’s in the movies now?
  • I want to watch Dark on Netflix.

TV commands

  • Turn on the TV (for compatible devices)
  • Play music on TV (for compatible devices)
  • What song is playing on TV? (for compatible devices)
  • For playback on TV (for compatible devices)
  • Resume on TV (for supported devices)
  • Fast forward 10 minutes on TV (for compatible devices)
  • I want to see the next episode on TV (for compatible devices)

video commands

  • Open YouTube. 
  • Put Arctic Monkeys videos on YouTube.
  • Put videos on how to make lasagna on YouTube.
  • Put funny videos on YouTube.

photo commands

  • Help me manage photos.
  • Show me my photos.
  • Show me my kitten photos.

Smart Home Control

  • Smart light bulb control
  • Turn on the lights.
  • Turn on the kitchen lights.
  • Turn off the lights.
  • Turn off the kitchen lights.
  • Dim the lights.
  • Lower the brightness of the lights.
  • Turn up the brightness of the lights to 50%.
  • Change the color of the lights to white.
  • Are the lights in the room on?

Thermostat control

  • Turn up the thermostat.
  • Lower the thermostat.
  • Set the thermostat to 24 degrees.
  • Turn on the air conditioning.
  • Put the thermostat in heating mode.

Smart plug and switch control

  • Turn the smart plug on or off.
  • Turn the smart switch on or off.

Video surveillance camera control

  • Shows the video surveillance camera.
  • What is seen on the video surveillance camera?
  • Play the video surveillance camera on the Chromecast.

Robot vacuum control

  • Start vacuuming. 
  • Start scrubbing. 
  • You can stop vacuuming. 
  • You can stop scrubbing. 
  • Where is my vacuum cleaner?
  • Make the robot go to the base. 
  • What is the robot doing?

Mower control

  • Start mowing the lawn.
  • Stop mowing the lawn. 
  • Send the mower home.


  • How is UEFA doing?
  • Find me sports news.
  • Has Atleti won?
  • How is the NBA standings going?
  • When does Valencia play?
  • How is the classification of the Bundesliga?
  • Who is the fastest man in the world?
  • What is Betis’ lineup?

Games and Fun

  • Give me a famous quote.
  • Teach me something.
  • Show me pictures of cats.
  • Count from 1 to 10. 
  • Tell me a joke.
  • Tell me something interesting.
  • Tell me a scary story.
  • give me a compliment
  • Roll a dice.
  • Flip a coin.
  • Help me wash my hands (plays music for 40 seconds so you know how long you have to be washing your hands).
  • Let’s play rock, paper, scissors.
  • I’m getting bored.
  • surprise me
  • Third Party Games. If you want to play third-party games, try saying Play I Know It, Talk to Trivia Crack, Talk to Space Quiz, Contact The Mansion of Spirits, or Talk to The Vortex.

Trips, maps and routes

  • Take me Home. 
  • Go to the nearest supermarket.
  • What can I do in Paris?
  • Are there cafes nearby?
  • What flights are there from Madrid to Paris in June?
  • Find an Asian restaurant.
  • Nearby restaurants.
  • Find stores.
  • Tell me how to get to work.
  • What time is my next flight?
  • Ask Iberia about the status of today’s flight from Madrid to Bogotá.
  • Ask Iberia for the boarding gate from Seville to London on December 25.

Translation and dictionary

  • How do you say “See you later” in Italian?
  • “Airport” in German.
  • Translate Airport into Russian.
  • Help me translate.
  • I want you to be my Italian interpreter.
  • Define “circumlocution”.
  • What does “serendipity” mean?

Purchases and orders

  • Add streamers and powdered detergent to the shopping list.
  • What do I have on my shopping list?
  • Where is the shopping list?
  • Empty the shopping list.
  • Show my orders.
  • Order kitchen paper on Amazon.
  • Track my packages.

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