Google Assistant integrate with third-party apps: search within apps and create voice commands

Google Assistant voice commands
Google Assistant

Until now Google Assistant voice commands was limited to opening a third-party application if it was not compatible with Assistant itself. But as they explain, they have updated the service so that you can now search for specific details within third party applications. In some of them you can even carry out specific tasks that are specific to the app, all by voice commands.

In recent years, voice assistants seem to have found their place in the world of technology. They offer information while we cannot or do not have a screen on which to view it and above all they obey commands to perform repetitive or simple tasks. Now, it always depends on the integration that the rest of the apps and services have with the assistant. Google seeks to change this in a sense, Assistant has begun to explore and automate tasks of third-party Android apps.

Google Assistant integration with third-party apps

As explained by Google, Assistant on Android smartphones already integrates with some third-party apps automatically for better voice commands functionality. They say they have started with the 30 most popular Google Play Store, such as Twitter, Discord, Spotify, Nike, Snapchat or Etsy among others. One of the main novelties is that it indexes the internal content of these apps. For example, you can search for some type of product within Etsy or open a person’s profile on Snapchat.

On the other hand, they have enabled voice commands for the most frequent tasks in these apps. Some examples they mention are controlling music or video playback by voice, ordering food at home, posting content on social media or sending a message to someone. Finally, it is possible to create shortcuts with custom phrases for the most common tasks.

For now, all these changes have begun to be applied in Google Assistant for Android in English . They promise that in the future it will reach other languages ​​as well, as well as more popular apps from the Google Play Store. Be that as it may, it is interesting how the wizard manages itself to explore and learn about the apps, without the need for the developer to make apparent and large changes to give such compatibility.

It often happens with voice assistants that, being a non-visual interface, many of its functions are hidden and must be found. That is why it is worth taking a look at the tricks to better control Google Assistant . And with this, for example, to use it as an interpreter in real time.

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