Apple’s App Store earns more than 70% of its revenue from less than 10% of its users, a figure revealed by the Fortnite case

The more than 150 pages of the final judgment on the Epic and Apple case is a mine of information .It is not only detailed that Epic will have to pay the compensation of 30% of the income generated by Fortnite for one year (in the alternative mechanism enabled for iPhone users), and that Apple will now have to allow developers to easily establish alternative payment methods for users, but also anticipates the magnitude of the impact that this will represent for the App Store .

Especially if it is considered that, as the document says , more than 70% of the store’s income comes from less than 10% of users .

A huge industry

The mobile game market is $ 100 billion , according to the court that deliberated on the Apple and Epic issue. That is a third of the total value of the video game industry, according to the latest estimate by the multinational Accenture, which calculated a market value of 300,000 million dollars .

More information released by the court had not been known until now. For example, 80% of the users of the App Store do not actually generate any income for the store, since also 80% of all apps are free. In any case, as for the market that does make a profit, which is that of transactions in game apps, Apple has a 55% share according to the court .

The fact that Apple has that high share in the segment was not satisfied as a reason for the court to decide whether Apple was a monopoly, as Epic claimed. ” Success is not illegal ” is read verbatim in the document .The court instead said that it did not have enough tools to declare Apple a monopoly, although the company does engage in anti-competitive behavior and that is why it has been ordered to allow developers to establish alternative payment methods for which Apple does not receive any commission, with everything and that the app has been downloaded from the App Store in the first place.

According to the court, until now Apple has hidden vital information about its consumers so that developers do not contact them and offer them other payment methods for micro transactions.Apple shares fell 3% in a matter of 15 minutes, although everything indicates that the decline has stabilized. Epic on the other hand plans to appeal the court ruling .

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