Dyson V15 vacuum cleaner uses lasers to analyze dust

Dyson V15 is Dyson’s new cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. A model that replaces the current Dyson V11 and where the main novelty is the inclusion of a laser system to illuminate the dust. A unique solution among handheld vacuum cleaners that without having tried it generates mixed feelings for having to deal with household dirt in this way.

The laser of the new Dyson will illuminate the floor with a particular greenish tone, allowing you to better visualize the notes of dust so that you can check with your eyes if the floor is clean. We have also Xiaomi mi Vacuum cleaner mini review.

Dyson V15 details

DIMENSIONS126 x 26.7 x 24.89 cm
WEIGHT3.08 kg
AUTONOMYUp to 60 minutes
POWER220 W (14 cyclones)
HEAD‘Laser Slim Fluffy’, torque with anti-tangle comb, brush with smooth rotating head, motorized mini brush
TANK CAPACITY0.76 liters

LCD display with information on the collected particles

Dyson V15 Vacuum cleaner display
Dyson V15 display

The Dyson V15 repeats some of the characteristics of the previous model such as a 60-minute autonomy or 220 W power. Also its tank capacity with 0.76 liters. The main addition is this laser system that can be activated so that the dust spots are easy to observe. In both the images and the demonstration video, it can be seen that as the Dyson V15 passes, a green laser is projected on the ground and any irregularities are better observed.

Dyson uses laser diodes, mounted at an angle of 1.5º and 7.2 mm from the ground with a short throw green halo. Other vacuums also incorporate lights, but the Dyson V15 is also able to take advantage of this laser to analyze what is being collected.

Dyson V15 Vacuum cleaner
Dyson vacuum cleaner

Through its LCD screen, where we can receive details about the autonomy, we can also view the number of particles aspirated depending on the size. Thanks to its laser system, the Dyson V15 is able to differentiate them and offer us some statistics.

The system detects particles from 10 microns (PM10), classifying them into four types. Those of more than 10 microns, those of 60, 180 and those of more than 500 µm.

The Dyson V15 features a small tapered brush specifically designed to clean hair and upholstered surfaces. A torque brush to collect hairs and avoid tangles.

Versions and price of the Dyson V15 vacuum cleaner

Dyson V15 Vacuum cleaner

The new Dyson V15 Detect will be sold at an official price of $699, with the different heads available including the laser, the anti-tangle, the hair, the corner, the soft brush, the brush for stubborn dirt, the support wall, the charging dock and the charger itself.

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